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Studying computer science at Linfield

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Linfield University is proud of its tradition of integrating computer skills into its educational programs.

Computer experience means possessing an important skill that is increasingly required of anyone who seeks to succeed in an ever more technological world. For the computer science major, deep and continuing exposure to a wide variety of computer-related concepts, skills and machines is a career preparation path that offers the industrious student an active role in today's computerized society.

The program in computer science at Linfield is designed to provide you with exposure to the central theoretical and practical concerns of this rapidly growing discipline. The experience gained in the department prepares you either for graduate study or for immediate employment in a wide range of businesses and industries that utilize computers.

Computer science at Linfield is future-oriented and innovative.

Those who are preparing for a professional career in computer science and those who are planning graduate study in the field should follow the full curriculum leading to the major.

A computer science major builds a solid base in the study of computing and provides in-depth knowledge of programming, software engineering, networks and systems and administration, computer graphics, database administration, networks and communication.

A computer science minor provides you with the understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science.

Contact us

For more information about studying computer science at Linfield, please feel free to contact our department chair. We look forward to connecting with you!

Chuck Dunn
Department Chair and Professor
900 SE Baker St, Taylor Hall, Unit A468, McMinnville, OR 97128