College Public Safety


Blue Light and Yellow Call Box Phones

In an effort to maintain a safer campus, the College maintains Blue Light and Yellow Box courtesy phones. These phones are strategically located throughout the campus. The phones connect directly to CPS by pressing the "call" button. Please use these phones to report suspicious circumstances, request courtesy rides/escorts, jump starts, or simply to contact CPS directly.

Courtesy Rides

CPS provides 24/7 courtesy rides or walking escorts for campus community members if you have safety concerns.  If you are injured, report to Learning Support Services and they will generate an email to CPS if courtesy rides are needed.  Contact CPS either at 503-883-SAFE (7233) or via a Blue Light phone or a Yellow call box located outside most residence halls.  Note that for courtesy rides, an officer may not be able to respond quickly if on another call.

Identification Cards

Linfield College identification cards are available at Cozine Hall in the CPS Office. Your first Linfield ID card is provided free of charge. The replacement cost for a card is $25 and will be billed to your student account.  CPS office business hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
For the safety of the community, please report lost or stolen cards to CPS immediately at 503-883-SAFE (7233).

Lost and Found

CPS maintains lost and found items that are valuable, to include ID Cards and keys. If you lose or misplace a valuable item, file a report in the CPS office. If your item is turned in to our department, we will contact you. Unclaimed found items with an estimated current value less than $100 will be held for 90 days; items with an estimated current value more than $100 will be held for the duration of the academic year.

Key Services

For the occasional accidental lock outs, first try contacting your roommate, next your RA.  If unable to contact either of them, call residence life at 503.883.5389 between 9:00am - 4:00pm.  If all of them are unavailable, or before/after hours of residence life, contact CPS

 Vehicle Assistance

When a vehicle is unable to start due to a dead battery while on Linfield Campus, CPS has the ability to provide a complimentary jump-start for students, staff, and faculty. If the headlights are left on, if the vehicle needs to be moved, or an incident occurs involving a vehicle, CPS will contact the vehicle owner. Parking permits are the best way for College Public Safety to contact vehicle owners.  If CPS is unable to assist you, we recommend contacting AAA if applicable or tow company.