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College Public Safety Crime Prevention A-Z

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Crime Prevention A-Z

Bias-Motivated Incidents

Bias-motivated incidents, also known as Hate Crimes, are defined as behavior, which constituted an expression of hostility against the person or property of another. This may include such behavior as non-threatening name calling, using racial slurs/language or disseminating racial leaflets or graffiti. Actions that are bias-motivated such as but not limited to threatening phone calls, hate mail, physical assault, and vandalism are unwelcome in the Linfield community.

It should be our expectation as Linfield community members to show respect for others regardless of a person's race, creed, disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality.

Furthermore, one of our priorities should be to avoid all forms of harassing or offensive behavior.
Bias-motivated incidents are a violation of state and federal laws. Bias-motivated incidents will be thoroughly investigated and subject to the College judicial process and/or criminal prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

Reporting a Hate Crime

If you are the target of a hate or biased related crime, or if you observe an incident, immediately report the incident to CPS at extension 7233. Reporting hate crimes, even those that you might not consider "serious", is important in monitoring and stopping future incidents. Provide the responding CPS Officer with complete and detailed information to ensure the incident is documented as a potential bias-related crime.

If medical attention is required, call 911 immediately. Any physical evidence related to a hate crime should not be touched or disturbed.