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Student-Faculty Collaborative Research

Collaborative research between undergraduates and faculty is an area of commitment for the department and Linfield College. These research experiences are extremely helpful for those intent upon pursuing a career in chemistry and other scientific disciplines. All chemistry students are encouraged to become involved in research. Some begin research projects in the laboratory as early as their first year. The chemistry department encourages interdisciplinary collaborations for interested students with Linfield's Physics, Mathematics, Art, and Biology departments and Linfield Research Institute.

The department emphasizes the role of the student in presenting the outcome of research in a professional setting. Students working on research in the department are asked to present their work at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in the undergraduate research poster session sponsored by the Division of Chemical Education. Students and faculty together have been regular participants at national ACS meetings. Students are also encouraged to present their work at a number of local and regional meetings sponsored by the Murdock Charitable Trust, ACS, and the Oregon Academy of Science. Linfield students may apply for summer research positions funded by endowed fellowship programs at Linfield or to numerous outside funded programs at other colleges, universities, companies, and national labs.

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Elizabeth J.O. Atkinson's principal areas of interest include both analytical and organic chemistry. Her current research includes synthesis/characterization of octa-substituted phthalocyanines, decomposition of hazardous compounds using electrified micro-heterogeneous catalysis, and the study of sonoluminescence in aqueous media.

Dr. Andrew Baggett's research interests are primarily in the area of organic synthesis.  Students in his lab work on two main projects: performing the synthesis and biochemical testing portions of a collaborative computational drug design project, and investigating new carbon-carbon bond forming reactions involving alkyl and aryl boronates and oxidative copper catalysis.

Dr. Megan L. Bestwick's research interests focus on biochemical processes within the mitochondria of cells.  Currently she is interested in determining how transcription factor proteins within the organelle stimulate or repress transcription of mitochondrial DNA using an in vitro transcription system. 

Dr. Brian D. Gilbert's research interests are in the area of molecular spectroscopy, nanotechnology, and brewing science. Current students in his research group are developing gold nanoparticle based probes for cellular sensing and drug delivery.  He is also working with students and local breweries to develop analytical methods to support the growth of the brewers in Yamhill county. 

Dr. Thomas J. Reinert's major interests are focused in inorganic chemistry, including porphyrin chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and chemical applications of group theory. His current research interests include the controlled synthesis of asymmetric porphyrins, the chemistry of wine-making, molecular modeling, and the design of computer-integrated laboratories for the general chemistry curriculum.

Recent Faculty and Student Publications

Atkinson, E.J.O.; Carlson, E.R.; and Gilbert, B.D., “Detection of 4′,6 – diamidino-2-phenylindole within silver–doped silica sol- and aerogels using surface–enhanced Raman spectroscopy.” Journal of Non-Crystaline Solids, 40516 – 20 (2014)

Recent Faculty and Student Presentations

Brenna Gomez (Chemistry, Class of 2016) was interviewed about her beer research at the 2016 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society!

Beer: Tapping into chemistry from Doug Dollemore on Vimeo.

Brenna Gomez (Chemistry, 2016) and Brian Gilbert "Quality control and analysis for small breweries" poster presented at the 251st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.  San Diego, CA, March 2016.

Victoria J. Wood (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2017)Christopher W. Munjar (Chemistry, 2016), and Brian Gilbert "Sizing and Characterization of Lipid Coated Nanoparticles" poster presented at the 251st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.  San Diego, CA, March 2016.

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