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First-Year Student January Term Requirement Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of January term for first-year students?
January term is designed to help first-year students continue to make progress towards degree completion. We know from past data that students who take January term classes are more likely to graduate from Linfield. It is also an opportunity to continue to amplify important learning opportunities that we touched on in Orientation and throughout fall. So in addition to taking one 3-5 credit class, programming during the term will focus on extending connections to the College, exploring issues of identity, helping students to think about the skill sets they will need in their work lives, and connecting them to their community through meaningful service opportunities.

Q: What happens if a first-year student is not able to be here for January term?
January term for first-year students is a graduation requirement. If a student is unable to meet the requirement, they will need to petition (College Catalog page 18). As with all petitions, these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q. What charges will students incur for January term?
The per-credit course fees are waived. Housing charges will also be waived. Student’s meal plans will be charged separately as they are each semester. Course-specific fees and the $30 ASLC fee for the semester apply.

Q: How many credits can I take during January Term?
Per the College Catalog, students cannot take more than 5 credits during January Term. This policy is monitored at the point of registration.

Q. Can a first-year student take an online course? Can they take a para-curricular course?
All per-credit fees for on-campus courses, including para-curricular courses, will be waived. Course-specific fees, such as those for equipment or field trips, will still be charged to the student. First-year students cannot take OCE courses during their first January term.