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Linfield Course Catalog Degrees and Requirements

January Term

January Term at Linfield College is a four-week term offered between fall and spring semesters. January Term is a time for students to explore the college’s curriculum, take advantage of study abroad courses, internships, special one-time topics courses, Linfield Curriculum courses or in their major department. The term features intensive classes that typically meet five days per week, giving students an opportunity to complete a full semester course in a shorter period of time.
Linfield offers a rich array of on-campus, online and study abroad courses. First-year non-transfer students are required to participate in their first January Term.

Registration for January Term is concurrent with spring registration.

First-Year Student Requirement

A course with a minimum of three credits during January Term is required during the first year on the McMinnville campus for all non-transfer students. In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Linfield College, any non-transfer student enrolled in the fall semester as a first-year student at Linfield during or after Fall 2015 must enroll for the January Term.
As part of each student’s first-year experience, January Term is designed to provide continuity between fall and spring semesters, to enhance Linfield’s commitment to integrating curricular and co-curricular offerings, to foster diverse interactions with other students and the local community, and to create an environment in which students can develop friendships and have fun.
The cost of participating is included in tuition: per-credit course fees and housing fees are waived for all first-year, non-transfer students during the January Term. Students are responsible for meal costs, course-specific fees, and the ASLC fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus: McMinnville

Each January Term, Linfield offers a range of courses: Linfield curriculum classes, majors and electives, internships, and experiential learning opportunities. Students appreciate focused time with faculty and fellow students, and a chance to take courses that help make progress to degree completion or to explore courses that they might not ordinarily take.

Students concentrate on a single academic course of 2-5 credits. With permission of the instructor of that course, paracurricular courses may be added, up to a maximum of 5 credits for the term.

In addition to the course that each student will take, Linfield hosts an array of events, workshops and lectures during Jan Term. These are focused around Connecting to the College, Examining Identity, Career Exploration, and Community Engagement. A typical student week in Jan Term might include several hours of class each morning, an evening lecture on diversity in the media, an afternoon cooking class, a Linfield basketball game, and a day of service, among many other choices.

$245 per credit is charged for all on-campus January Term courses. Students are responsible for housing and board costs incurred.

January Term Scheduled Course Offerings are posted on the Registrar’s webpage
prior to Registration.


Another option for sophomores, juniors and seniors is to take a Linfield course online, offered through Online and Continuing Education (OCE). There is a wide array of courses to choose from. OCE’s Winter term dates differ slightly from those on the McMinnville campus.

Off-Campus: Study Abroad

January Term Study Abroad courses are designed to foster global awareness, develop insights into major issues of our time, and deepen understanding of American society. They offer participants unique opportunities for innovative learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum.

January Term off-campus courses are planned and led by Linfield faculty. They are usually limited to 10-12 students for each site chosen through a competitive interview selection process. Students cannot participate in both a Semester Abroad and January Term off-campus international program in the same academic year without special permission from the International Programs Office.

For all students, regardless of their major or minor, Linfield provides the first round-trip air transportation from the Portland International Airport to one destination outside the continental U.S. for one off-campus program – for approved travel for semester, academic year, or January Term programs – for each student who meets program requirements.