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Linfield Course Catalog Degrees and Requirements

January Term

Linfield offers a variety of opportunities for intensive study during January Term. These include 4-week courses on the McMinnville campus, 4-week off-campus courses, and 5-week online classes. January Term is designed to foster global awareness, develop insights into major issues of our time, and deepen understanding of American society. It offers participants unique opportunities for innovative learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum as well as courses that count for the Linfield Curriculum requirements and majors.

During January Term, students concentrate on a single academic course of 2-5 credits. Paracurricular courses may also be taken, up to a maximum of 5 credits for the term. First-year, non-transfer students on the McMinnville campus have specific requirements (see below).

McMinnville and Portland campus students may not begin their Linfield studies during January Term.

McMinnville On-Campus

The January Term on campus offers opportunities for students to explore the college’s curriculum, engage in career development and internships, take one-time special topics courses, and/or take a course in the Linfield Curriculum or in their major department. Intensive courses are offered that typically meet four or five days a week so that students can complete one full semester course over the period of four weeks.

Because of its structure, students have more focused time with faculty and fellow students, as well as a chance to take a course that helps make progress toward degree completion or to explore a topic in a course that they otherwise might not take.

The college hosts an array of events, workshops and lectures during the January Term. Many of these events are open to all students, and several are geared to first-year students only. There is no additional cost to participate in these events. The campus community is lively, with about half of all students on campus.

In addition to the academic course that each student will take, events, workshops and lectures are offered that focus around

  • connecting to the college
  • examining identity
  • career exploration
  • community engagement

A typical student week in January Term might include several hours of class each morning, an evening lecture on diversity in the media, an afternoon cooking class, a Linfield basketball game, and a day of service, among many other choices.

A per-credit fee is charged for all on-campus January Term courses. This fee is waived for first-year non-transfer students. All students living on campus are responsible for housing and board costs incurred.

First-Year, non-transfer Students on the McMinnville Campus

First-year non-transfer McMinnville campus students who start in the fall semester are required to participate in their first January Term. They must take a 3-5 credit course on the McMinnville campus. They may also take a single 1-credit paracurricular course, up to the limit of 5 total credits for the term.

The January Term per-credit course fees and housing fees are waived for all first-year, non-transfer students who started the previous fall semester. Students are responsible for meal costs, course-specific fees, and the ASLC fee.

Off-campus course opportunities

January Term off-campus courses offer a compressed introduction to cultures beyond the Linfield campus. These four-week long classes foster global awareness, develop insights into major issues of our time, and deepen understanding of American society. Because they provide innovative, hands-on learning opportunities where classroom discoveries assume real-world immediacy, many departments regularly offer such courses. For more information and a list of offerings, please refer to the International Programs section of this catalog, under January Term Abroad.

Online course opportunities

An option for students other than McMinnville campus firstyear, non-transfer students is to take a Linfield course online offered through Online and Continuing Education (OCE). Courses offered through OCE are 5 weeks in duration.