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Gender Studies


Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, Ph.D. • English (Coordinator)
Amy Orr, Ph.D. • Sociology (Coordinator)


Hillary Crane, Ph.D. • Anthropology
Virlena Crosley, M.P.A. • Business
David Fiordalis, Ph.D. • Religious Studies
Sharon Bailey Glasco, Ph.D. • History
Dawn Graff-Haight, Ph.D. • Health Education
Brenda DeVore Marshall, Ph.D. • Theatre and Communication Arts
Dawn Nowacki, Ph.D. • Political Science
Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, Ph.D. • English
John Sagers, Ph.D. • History
Barbara Seidman, Ph.D. • English
Sonia Ticas, Ph.D. • Spanish
Lissa Wadewitz, Ph.D. • History
Yanna Weisberg, Ph.D. • Psychology

The Gender Studies minor invites sustained academic examination of gender as an analytic category informing and shaping human experience. Gender Studies establishes the distinction between sexuality and gender and explores the socially constructed meaning given to differences between males and females. It assesses the impact of those meanings upon our social, economic, religious, political, and aesthetic experiences.

Courses in this minor examine how gendered identity and meaning are produced and reproduced, institutionalized, resisted, changed, and enacted. They illuminate gender relations and how those relations become codified within the social order through such institutions as the family, the work force, education, and the arts.

Gender Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor drawing upon and synthesizing the contributions made to our understanding of gender and sexuality by history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, biology, economics, communication, the arts, and the humanities.

Goals for the Major

Students completing a minor in Gender Studies will have an opportunity to:

  • Explain gender as an intellectual frame of analysis that has significantly changed disciplinary paradigms across the academy, including their own primary fields, and thus become a crucial site of knowledge-construction in its own right;
  • Participate in the cross-disciplinary conversations that informed gender analysis demands, culminating in a synthesizing capstone seminar that draws together upper division minors from a wide variety of fields to compare their respective intellectual paradigms in terms of gender theory;
  • Recognize the aesthetic and spiritual as well as academic dimensions of gender as a means of constructing meaning through experience.

Requirements for Major or Minor

For a minor: completion of 20 credits, including 485; 200 or 205. No more than 2 courses from any single department (excluding GENS) may count toward the Gender Studies minor. At least one course must be taken in the Arts and Humanities.

Because of its interdisciplinary character, Gender Studies courses are offered in departments across the curriculum. The following classes are likely candidates for inclusion in the Gender Studies minor, keeping in mind the requirements outlined above. Courses that do not appear on this list may also be included with coordinator consent.

ENGL 350 Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories: Performing Gender and Sexuality – 4 credits. (CS or VP)
GENS 200 Introduction to Gender Studies – An interdisciplinary encounter with the contemporary study of gender and its new paradigms for investigating the human condition. Weekly guest lectures addressing gender theory contributions to such disciplines such as religious studies, philosophy, literature, history, music, political science, anthropology, sociology, education, the sciences, and mathematics. 3 credits.
GENS 205 Gender and Society (also listed as SOAN 205) – See SOAN 205. 4 credits. (IS or US)
GENS 300 Women Writers (also listed as ENGL 300) – See ENGL 300. 4 credits. (CS or GP)
GENS 318 History of Women in Latin America (also listed as HIST 318) – See HIST 318. 4 credits. (VP or GP)
GENS 322 Gender and Social History of East Asia (also listed as HIST 322) – See HIST 322. 4 credits. (VP or GP)
GENS 332 Gendered Communication (also listed as COMM 332) – See COMM 332. 3 credits. (IS or US)
GENS 333 Gender and Politics (also listed as POLS 333) – See POLS 333. 4 credits. (IS or GP)
GENS 342 Women in Religion (also listed as RELS 342) – See RELS 342. 4 credits. (IS or GP)
GENS 353 Topics in Women's Rhetoric (also listed as TCCA 353) – See TCCA 353. 4 credits. (IS or GP)
GENS 375 Special Topics in Gender Studies – Examination of a specialized topic in contemporary gender studies either arising within a single discipline or inviting cross-disciplinary analysis. Examples include “Gender and Science,” “Women in Management,” “Feminist Theologies,” Women in Theatre,” “Gender as Metaphor in the Bible,” “The Social Construction of Masculinities.” 3 credits.
GENS 411 Seminar in Gender Psychology (also listed as PSYC 411) – See PSYC 411. 4 credits. (UQ or US)
GENS 460 Gender, Sexuality, and the Body (also listed as SOAN 460) – See SOAN 460. 4 credits. (MWI)
GENS 480 Independent Study – Student investigation of special interests or research based on detailed statement of intent and a letter of support from the sponsoring faculty member. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing; consent of gender studies coordinator(s). 1-3 credits.
GENS 485 Senior Seminar – Capstone course for the gender studies minor. Synthesis and application of ideas presented across the curriculum through discussion and field work. Group study and discussion of contemporary problems, research issues, and ideas in gender studies. Prerequisites: 200 or SOAN 205; senior standing. Offered fall. 2 credits.
HHPA 242 Human Sexuality – 3 credits. (IS)
HHPA 410 Gender Issues in Education and Sport – 3 credits.
(IS or US)
HIST 267 Introduction to U.S. Women’s History – 4 credits. (VP or US)
HIST 333 Medieval Women and Men – 4 credits. (VP)
MUSC 355 Women in Music – 3 credits. (CS or GP)
PSYC 347 Psychology of Women and Gender – 4 credits.
SOAN 270 Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. – 4 credits. (IS or US)

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