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European Studies

Faculty Coordinators

Emina Musanovic, Ph.D.
Peter Richardson, Ph.D.

(For major in German Studies, see Global Languages)

Following geographic convention, “Europe” encompasses the British Isles, the western Mediterranean region, and northern and eastern Europe.

Requirements for Major or Minor

For a minor in European Studies: 27-29 credits and one semester of study abroad. Specific requirements include 20 credits abroad distributed about equally between European study and appropriate language coursework (for students who undertake Linfield’s programs in Austria, England, or France, the exact distribution of credits varies somewhat from program to program and year to year); successful study of a European language through the second semester of the intermediate level; two or more courses totaling 6-8 credits in European studies beyond those taken while abroad; and IDST 090, in which the student is responsible for locating the focal area within a larger regional and global context. Where language work is not available in the study abroad program or on campus, an appropriate literature-in-translation or area studies course may, with approval of the program committee, be substituted for some but not all of the language requirement.

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