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Linfield Course Catalog

Linfield's Academic Organization

This catalog provides separate sections describing the college’s three main academic/administrative units: the McMinnville Campus; the Portland Campus; and Online and Continuing Education (OCE).

  • The McMinnville Campus is the home of most of the college’s academic departments. It also houses the International Programs Office, the Office of Career Services, and the Alumni Relations Office.
    The McMinnville Campus section includes complete descriptions of each academic department operating in McMinnville, along with listings of courses in those departments specific to the Portland Campus and OCE.
  • The Portland Campus is the home of the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing. It also houses advisors for Online and Continuing Education.
    The Portland Campus section contains descriptions of these programs.
  • Online and Continuing Education is headquartered on the McMinnville Campus, has advisors in McMinnville and Portland and is primarily online.
    The OCE section describes the Online and Continuing Education (OCE) program as well as admission and administrative policies that differ from those on the other two campuses.