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Linfield Course Catalog College Costs

Other Fees

Post-Baccalaureate Fee for Completing Student Teaching

Students who have earned a Linfield degree, have been charged full Linfield tuition for eight semesters, and have exhausted their eligibility for Linfield financial aid qualify for a special per semester fee of $9,875 to complete student teaching and seminar for student teaching. Eligible students enrolled for fewer than 10 credits will be charged $1,285 per credit. Eligible students enrolling for more than 18 credits will be charged $1,285 per credit for each credit above 18. Students who do not meet these conditions must pay full undergraduate tuition.

McMinnville/Portland students taking OCE courses

The tuition for OCE coursework is $495 per semester credit. OCE charges an online fee of $210 per semester or term. See the Online and Continuing Education section for other fees specific to OCE students.

English Language and Culture Program

Students who have been accepted into the English Language and Culture Program (ELCP) are eligible to receive a discounted tuition rate equal to 50% of the undergraduate tuition rate. For 2017-2018, this semester rate will be $10,275 but is contingent upon the following conditions:

  1. Students must be enrolled for 12 to 16 credits
  2. Students may not have more than 6 non-ELCP credits. Coursework must be approved by the ELCP Coordinator
  3. It is anticipated students will remain in the English Language and Culture Program for 1 to 3 semesters
  4. Students are not eligible for financial aid while in this program.

Students should check with the ELCP Coordinator in the Office of International Programs to determine their eligibility. If conditions are not met, students will be charged the regular undergraduate rate.

High School Juniors and Seniors

The tuition for high school junior and senior course work is $495 per semester credit. Students may normally enroll in only one class and up to 5 credits per semester. Students enrolled in more than 5 credits (with the approval of the director of admission only), will be charged the per-credit rate that is applicable to McMinnville and Portland campus students for each credit hour over 5 credits.

Other Fees

Associated Students of Linfield Campus (ASLC) Fee

This fee, required of enrolled students each January Term and each semester, pays for student body-sponsored events and includes admission to most on-campus events, including all intercollegiate athletic contests.

Audit Fee

The non-refundable fee for auditing a course is $645 per credit for students enrolled through the McMinnville or Portland Campuses who are taking fewer than 10 or more than 18 credits and $250 per credit for students enrolled through OCE. In addition to the per credit fee for auditing, all students must pay course fees applicable to audited classes. There will be no audit fee for senior citizens (at least age 65), but senior citizens must pay applicable course fees. There is no discount for senior citizens for courses with transcripted credit.

Charges and Fines

Finance charges and/or fines will be levied on student accounts including but not necessarily limited to the following:

A $100 late clearing fee will be applied to a student account August 16, 2017, for fall semester and February 2, 2018, for spring semester for any student who has not followed the account clearing date requirements of August 15, 2017 for fall semester and February 1, 2018, for spring semester.

A 1% per month finance charge will be applied to a student account balance beginning November 1, 2017, for fall semester and March 1, 2018, for spring semester.

A $50 late payment fee will be applied to a student account per each late payment per month on any prearranged payment plan or subsequent overdue amount or account. An account will be considered overdue beginning November 5, 2017, for fall semester and March 5, 2018, for spring semester on any account balance.

A $25 returned check charge will be levied for all returned checks.

College ID Cards

Students are issued their initial ID card free of charge. Replacement ID cards may be obtained from the College Public Safety office. The first replacement card is provided at no charge, however additional ID cards will be replaced for $25.

Examination Fees

Any student may challenge for credit an existing Linfield course for a non-refundable flat fee of $645. This fee covers administrative costs and the preparation and evaluation of special examinations.

Graduation Fee

Students will be charged a $150 graduation fee. The fee will be charged to the student account for the semester or term the student intends to graduate and/or participate in commencement. Graduation fees cover all aspects of the graduation and the degree conferral process and are required regardless of each student’s participation in the commencement ceremony.

Matriculation Fee

Students seeking a McMinnville or Portland Campus degree, as well as those admitted as special students by the Director of Admission, are required to pay a $400 matriculation fee at the time of a Linfield offer to admission. The priority date to pay the $400 matriculation fee is May 1. The matriculation fee is non-refundable after May 1. November 1 is the matriculation fee deadline for Portland Campus students entering in the spring. Payment of the $400 matriculation fee may be made using credit/ debit card at

Music Fee

A. Applied Lesson Fee
For non-music majors and special students (non-degree candidates), fees for weekly half-hour applied lessons are charged at the rate of $645 per credit.

For students approved by the department as Music minors, Linfield College will reduce the $645 applied lesson fee to $325 per credit. Music minors must have concurrent registration in required music theory and/or music history courses with their applied lessons to ensure commitment to and timely completion of their minor.

For students approved by the department as Music majors, no extra fee is charged for applied lessons, but the student must pay tuition for each credit taken in excess of an 18-credit course load.

The following policy statements define the above students’ responsibilities and obligations regarding applied lessons:

  1. Students will be credited with a full refund if they meet the following two criteria:
    a) Drop applied lessons before the end of the first 10 class days of each semester; and,
    b) Have not made any arrangements with, nor taken any lessons from, the applied music instructor.
  2. Students who withdraw from applied lessons during the 10 day time period listed above, but have taken one or more applied lessons, will receive credit for the full refund less $20 for each lesson taken. No refunds will be made after the first 10 class days of each semester have passed.
  3. Students will be automatically billed for and must pay the full applied lesson fee if they have not dropped by the time period defined in 1.a above regardless of whether or not they have taken applied lessons that semester.

B. Usage Fee
The Music usage fee per semester for Music majors is $70 and for Music minors is $35. This fee is non-refundable.

McMinnville Campus Parking Permit

Any Linfield College student must register all vehicles using parking spaces within the Linfield Parking District (surrounding the McMinnville Campus) with College Public Safety. The Parking Permit Fee associated with registration is $85 per year.

Members of the Linfield community who park unregistered vehicles within the Linfield Parking District are subject to fines by Linfield College of up to double the registration fee. The Parking Year runs from August 15, 2017, of one year through August 14, 2018, of the following year. The fee is assessed at the time the vehicle is registered, at the annual rate and is valid through the following August 14. The fee is non-refundable. Vehicles parked within the Linfield Parking District are subject to citation from the Oregon State Department of Transportation, the City of McMinnville and Linfield College. Any vehicle towed will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Technology Infrastructure Fee

Students enrolled full time will be charged a $100 per semester technology fee ($50 if registered for fewer than 10 credits) to support campus-wide technology infrastructure.

Transcript Fee

The transcript fee is $7.25 for each official transcript request. The college reserves the right to withhold transcripts if the student has unmet financial obligations to the college.

Various Course-Related Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses may be charged a course, lab or studio fee for supplies. Other fees apply where appropriate.