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Right to Rescind Admission/Readmission

Right to Rescind Admission Policy

A disciplinary matter or criminal conviction, whether occurring prior to the time of application, while the application is under review, or after the admission decision has been made, may affect the College’s decisions regarding admission, enrollment, or course of study. Linfield College reserves the right to revoke admission or enrollment in such circumstances. In addition, because offers of admission and enrollment are based upon a record of academic achievement, Linfield reserves the right to revoke admission or enrollment upon receipt of a final high school transcript (or most recent college transcript) reflecting a significant decline in academic performance. Finally, if an application misrepresents any information, for any reason, admission or enrollment may be revoked at the College’s discretion.


A student from the McMinnville or Portland campus must apply for readmission if he/she/they wants to return to Linfield after being away from the college for a semester or more without taking an official leave of absence. A readmitted student is responsible for consulting his/her/their academic department regarding changes to the curriculum and also must meet the most recently approved requirements for any program that is accredited or licensed. The student must meet the graduation requirements from an eligible catalog which has not expired at the time of the student’s graduation. When degree, major and/or minor requirements have changed, the major department has the right to specify the catalog year(s) available to the student. The application for readmission includes:

  1. A Readmission of a Former Student Application form available from the admission offices of the McMinnville and Portland campuses or online.
  2. Submission of official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended after withdrawing from Linfield College.

In addition, a returning student who left the college on suspension status must appeal his/her/their academic standing with the Registrar prior to completing the readmission application. See policy on Academic Suspension Appeals.

A returning student who is requesting readmission to Linfield but to a new program with specific entrance requirements is not guaranteed admission to that program.

While the college typically reviews all applications for returning students, the priority application deadline is April 15.