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Linfield Course Catalog Academic Policies and Procedures


A student’s academic achievement is recorded on the permanent academic record in terms of the following grades:

Grade Meaning
A,A- Excellent comprehension of the material and exceptional performance.
B+, B, B- Above average capability and better than normal performance.
C+, C, C- Adequate understanding of the material and acceptable performance.
D+, D Marginal comprehension of the material and below average performance.
F Inability to deal successfully with the material and inadequate performance.
M  Student has mastered the goals set forth in a course in which the instructor has opted to use mastery grading procedures.
S  “Satisfactory.” Acceptable understanding of the material and adequate performance. Equivalent to a C or better. There is no GPA calculation for this grade.
U  “Unsatisfactory.” Marginal comprehension of material and inadequate performance. Equivalent to a C-minus or poorer. Counts as zero quality points in GPA calculation and no credit is earned.

Additional Transcript Designations

While not grades per se, the following designations are used on academic records in lieu of grades in certain instances:

I - Work incomplete. An incomplete is given at the discretion of the instructor when the quality of work is satisfactory but the course requirements have not been completed for reasons of health or other circumstances beyond the student’s control, as determined by the instructor. An incomplete must be completed before graduation.

Each incomplete assigned must be accompanied by a contract statement agreed to by both the instructor and the student and must include the following:

  1. What work remains to be completed;
  2. How the work is to be evaluated;
  3. A deadline for completion of the work, which can be no later than the following: (a) April 15 for an incomplete given in a course taken the previous fall semester or January term, and (b) November 15 for an incomplete given in a course taken the previous spring semester or summer term. Each incomplete must be accompanied by a contingency grade, in the computation of which the instructor has assigned a failing grade to the work not completed. This contingency grade will be the grade finally recorded for the course if the Registrar or Registration Office does not receive another grade by the contract deadline.

IP - In progress. An in progress designation is used for thesis, research, independent study, internships, community service, and Athletic Training Professional Experience I, II, III, IV, V, VI, when a continuing project must be extended for legitimate reasons beyond the semester or term. The extension may not exceed an additional semester without approval of the Curriculum Committee. If the work is not completed within the stipulated time, as noted by the instructor, the instructor may report a grade in lieu of the F that will otherwise automatically be assigned with failure to complete the course.

AUD - Audit signals regular attendance and participation in the course. No credit hours are earned for auditing courses.

CE - Credit earned by examination.

W - Withdrawal. This designation is given when prior to a published deadline the student so requests. No quality points are entered into the student’s GPA.

AW - Administrative withdrawal. This designation is entered on the record by the Registrar or Registration Office in the case of a student who is officially registered in a course but who has not attended the class and not requested to withdraw. No quality points are entered into the student’s grade point average (GPA).

Grade Point Average (GPA)

For purposes of computing the grade point average (GPA), quality points are awarded as follows:

Grade Quality Points
A 4.000
A- 3.700
B+ 3.300
B 3.000
B- 2.700
C+ 2.300
C 2.000
C- 1.700
D+ 1.300
D 1.000
F 0.000
U 0.000

Only grades earned at Linfield are computed in the GPA. The GPA is computed as follows: the number of credits earned in any Linfield class for which a letter grade is awarded is multiplied by the number of quality points assigned to the grade earned. The total number of points thus calculated for all graded Linfield courses is divided by the total number of credits attempted in those courses. The resulting figure is the GPA.

Changing of Grades

Once recorded on the academic record, a grade may be changed only at the request of the faculty member, by the Vice President of Academic Affairs as a result of a formal grievance process, or by the Registrar or Registration Office in order to correct a clerical error or update the transcript in the event that a course is repeated.

Repeating a Course

Except as noted below, a student may retake any Linfield College course regardless of the grade already earned in that course, with the following provisos: the course must be repeated at Linfield, and the student must obtain instructor or departmental permission. A course that has been repeated and for which the higher grade to date is C- or lower may not be repeated again except by successful petition to the Curriculum Committee. When a course is repeated, students receive the higher grade earned, but no additional credit. The cumulative GPA is recalculated and posted for the semester the course is repeated. Any lower grades are placed in parentheses ( ), and the course title is replaced with the repeat indicator as in the following example: course repeated: mm/dd/yyyy.

There are three exceptions: (a) Colloquium (IDST 007), Online Colloquium (IDST 008), and Transfer Colloquium (IDST 009) may not be repeated, (b) INQS 125/126 Inquiry Seminar may not be repeated except in cases of a failing grade, and (c) a student may be refused permission to repeat a practice-based course in such fields as Nursing or teacher education when, in the judgment of the faculty of those programs, the student’s previous work in the course sufficiently violated professional and/or ethical standards so as to expose the faculty or the institution to charges of professional irresponsibility were it to be repeated. Evidence in support of such a judgment may include adverse evaluations of the student’s work by agency personnel in the practice setting.

Grade Reports

Grades are available to students online at the end of each grading period. Parents of students will be mailed grade reports only if the student has provided the Registrar with a signed request. See FERPA information below.


Students may order a transcript of their Linfield academic record any time they are in good financial standing with the college. Official transcripts are ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. Unofficial transcripts can be ordered through the Registrar or Registration Office. The college reserves the right to withhold transcripts if the student has unmet financial obligations to the college.