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Linfield Course Catalog Academic Policies and Procedures


The Registration Process

Registration periods, with published dates, are identified each semester and term. Complete registration instructions, procedures, and deadlines for which every student is fully responsible are detailed in the online registration materials. A student is officially registered and eligible to attend classes only when all procedures have been completed, including the payment of tuition and fees.

Basic information regarding registration, academic calendar, deadlines for adding or dropping classes, and the semester’s listings of course offerings, the times and locations where the courses will be taught, and the final examination schedule are posted on the Linfield website.

Cross Registration

McMinnville and Portland Students:
Students on the McMinnville or Portland campuses may register for one course of up to four credit hours per semester on the other campus as part of their course load and retain their fulltime status. No additional tuition will be charged for cross registration, unless the 18 credit maximum is exceeded. Scheduling and transportation are student responsibilities.

With the approval of their academic advisors, McMinnville or Portland students may take a maximum of one course per fall and spring semesters through Online and Continuing Education (OCE). The credits for the OCE course are considered as part of their normal course load (10-18 credits) with no additional tuition charges. Students who are registered in fewer than 10 credits or more than 18 credits will be charged the per-credit tuition that is applicable to McMinnville and Portland campus students.

McMinnville or Portland Campus students may take OCE courses through Summer Term or January Term and pay the OCE tuition rate for these courses. Students may enroll in a maximum of one academic course and one paracurricular during January Term and if both are taken, they must be taken from a single campus: Portland, McMinnville, or OCE.

Online and Continuing Education Students:
Students enrolled in the Online and Continuing Education program may enroll in courses on the McMinnville and Portland campuses. The tuition charges/fees will be those applicable to classes on that campus.

Cross-registration with another institution:
Without prior approval, Linfield students may not transfer courses/credits from another institution when the combination of transfer credits and Linfield credits would exceed the 18-semester credit maximum in one semester or 5-semester credit maximum for January term (or combination thereof).

Oregon Alliance:
Students enrolled full-time (12 credit minimum) may take a maximum of one course per semester at any other member institution of the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities with no additional tuition. Credit limits are as in the previous paragraph. Details are available from the Registrar or Registration Office.

Last Day to Enroll in a Course

A student may not enroll in a course after ten class days during a semester or after the second class day of January or summer term. Please note that enrollment beyond the second class day in any course may only occur with the explicit approval of the instructor.