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Linfield Course Catalog Academic Policies and Procedures


Schedule conflicts sometimes occur that prevent a student from taking a course required for graduation. In such instances, a student may petition to take the course as a tutorial. Tutorials are courses listed in this catalog that are taken by special arrangement with a qualified member of the faculty and carry the number, title, and credit specified in the catalog. Students enrolled in tutorial courses must meet frequently and regularly with the supervising faculty member.

Tutorials during fall, spring, and January term command faculty time and energy in a way that may be deleterious to regular teaching assignments. It is in the general interest of students to keep the number of tutorials to an absolute minimum. Accordingly, petitions for these tutorials must substantiate, under signature of the student’s academic advisor: 1) that missing the course in question will preclude the student’s graduation within the four years normally allotted to earn a Linfield degree, and 2) that other available options (for instance, an approved substitution of an alternative course) have been exhausted. Fall, spring, and January term tutorials will normally be granted only to students with senior standing. The preceding restrictions do not apply to Online and Continuing Education or summer term tutorials.

Permission to take a tutorial may be obtained by submitting a petition, available from the Registrar or Registration Office, during the first five days of the semester or by the end of the second day of January term, to the student’s academic advisor and then to the chair of the department in which the course is offered. Following approval by the department head, the petition will be forwarded to the Registrar for submission to the Curriculum Committee. When approved, copies of the petition are returned to the department head and the faculty supervisor.