Concurrent and Subsequent Degrees

Students who possess a baccalaureate degree (earned at Linfield or another regionally accredited institution) may earn a second degree from Linfield by earning at least 30 additional credits in residence, including 15 credits in a second major in a field of study different from the first degree. The program must meet all requirements for graduation in the major in effect at the time of residence. (Requirements met by students in the course of obtaining their original degrees need not be met a second time.) Students seeking a second baccalaureate degree are assessed undergraduate fees. Upon completion of requirements, a diploma is awarded, and the transcript records the second degree and the major.

Special Student Status

Special student status is granted to students admitted under special provision of the Student Policies Committee. The eligibility of special students for re-enrollment in the college is reviewed by the committee at the beginning of each semester. Special students must petition the committee to be admitted to a degree program. A regular student who has been suspended for academic reasons may not normally be reinstated as a special student.