Opportunities of several kinds exist for students to earn academic internship credit while working in off-campus organizations. IDST 287, Career Exploration Internship, is offered by the Career Services staff and is designed, as the name implies, to assist students at early stages of thinking about career possibilities. Internships are also offered by a number of academic departments, some to help students explore possibilities for applying their major studies to the world of work, the majority to provide experience in the work world for students in the advanced stages of their majors. Departmental internships are available under course number 487 in the following departments or programs: Art; Biology; Business; Computer Science; Economics; English; Environmental Studies; Health, Human Performance and Athletics; Mass Communication; Music; Political Science; Psychology; Religious Studies; Sociology and Anthropology; Theatre and Communication Arts. Because policies and procedures vary from program to program, students should consult with the department or program chair for specific guidelines. The above departments and Career Services can provide information about organizations that may be able to provide internship opportunities to Linfield students.