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Earning Credit

Learn about options for internship credit by viewing the article in the October 2013 Newsletter.

Linfield offers the opportunity to earn academic credit for most internships! Before applying for internships, make sure you learn about the three internship courses Linfield offers to see if you are eligible to earn credit.

The first course is offered through academic departments under course number 487.  Credits through this course apply to your major.  Talk to your advisor to learn about the qualifications and requirements necessary to earn credit.  If this doesn’t work, talk to Kristi Mackay in the Career Development office to see if your internship is eligible for credit through IDST 287: Career Exploration Internship. This is elective credit, which counts toward graduation, but not toward your major.

Another option to earn credits for internships is through the course IDST 387, Regional Studies Internship.  Students completing unpaid internships can apply to participate in a seminar and earn a stipend.  Funding comes through the Kemper or the First Federal Internship Programs.  Both of these programs are focused on getting Linfield students involved in the community, working with different local organizations.  Please visit Cat Connect to learn more about these funded internships!

Once you have landed a great internship, here are the steps to take to earn academic credit for the experience:

Talk to your advisor!
First determine if you can earn credit within your major department and have this count as an elective in your major.  This is the best option, if you qualify.  Some majors have GPA minimums or other requirements you must meet to be eligible for the 287 or 487 course within your department.  Requirements for internships vary by departmentcontact department internship coordinators

Talk to Kristi Mackay, Office for Career Development, Melrose 010
Most students are eligible to earn elective credit for an internship.  The course is IDST 287, Career Exploration Internship.  Check out the Career Exploration Internship page for more information. This does not count toward your major, but does satisfy an EL in the Linfield curriculum, and the credits count toward your degree.

PLEASE NOTE: you must make credit arrangements prior to your internship experience, Credit cannot be earned retroactively.