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An internship is an excellent way to apply your coursework to the world of work. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience with an organization. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs.  There is a focus on a project and an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place through your internship experience.  Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally

82% of students engage in an internship or field experience during their academic career at Linfield.

Meet Our Interns

Cassie Finn   Sam Riddle Sara Gomez 
 Cassie Finn
Management Intern at Nordstrom
Class of 2017
 Sam Riddle
Construction Management Intern
at Pavilion Construction
Class of 2017
 Sara Gomez
Executive Committee Intern at Unidos Bridging Community
Class of 2017
 Kaela Ingram  Andrew Laney  Laurel Nelson
 Kaela Ingram
Accounting Intern at Delap
Class of 2017
 Andrew Laney
Intern at Beaver Sports Properties
Class of 2017
 Laurel Nelson
Management Intern at Fred Meyer
Class of 2017
 Quinton Reisenman  Elsa Harris  Kate Seaholm
Quinn Reisenman
Arts & Humanities Intern at Linfield College
Office of Sustainability
Class of 2017
 Elsa Harris
Arts & Humanities Intern at Antioch Church
Class of 2019
 Kate Seaholm
Arts & Humanities Intern at Merit-Andrew
Class of 2016
Robin Seiler-Garman   Savannah Hurst
Robin Seiler-Garman
Arts & Humanities Intern
Ken Moore Campaign
Class of 2017
  Savannah Hurst
Arts & Humanities Intern at Cinnabar/, Vision Scenery,
IDF Studio Scenery, and Jet Sets
Class of 2018
    Morgan Knauss
    Morgan Knauss
Startup Operations Manager at Rock of Ages
Class of 2016

Meet Our Impact Scholars


Courtney Mostul 
 Alex Hendra-Brown
Major: Communication Arts
Minor: Law, Rights & Justice and Business Management
Class of 2018
 Thet (Bella) Aung
Major: International Relations
Minor: Mathematics
Class of 2017
Courtney Mostul
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Biology
Class of 2017