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Quick Tips

An internship is an excellent way to apply your coursework to the world of work. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience with an organization. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs.  There is a focus on a project and an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place through your internship experience.  Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally


Wildcat Successes

Brooke Snyder

Marketing and Minor in Sports Management Junior

Wheelhouse 20/20

Do informational interviews as much as possible! They help teach you about careers you might be interested in before you have to work or intern there. Also they are great practice for talking with professionals, even if it is just a casual meet up.

Landon Matta

Accounting and Economics Junior

Audit Intern

Network, network, network!! Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, ESPECIALLY CAREER DEVELOPMENT. They are here to help you!

Cassidy Robinson

Marketing and Wine Studies Junior

Elizabeth Chambers Cellar

It's important for you to be able to determine what decision is best for you, even if it means letting another opportunity go.

Heather McNutt-Kaestner

Mass Communication & Communication Arts Senior

Organizational Effectiveness
Columbia Sportswear

Success requires a strong support system. Career Development is that for me!

Tyler Kelsch

Accounting Senior

Audit Staff Accountant
Moss Adams

Come meet with career advisors early and often, but don't expect them to do all the work for you. Our career staff will help you with anything you could possibly think of but they will also expect you to put in work on your own to make your success happen.