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Important changes to Linfield during Spring 2020:

Our team at Linfield Career Development wants you to know that we are with you during these challenging and ever-changing times. It has been decided that for the remainder of the academic year, courses will be taught online. While our students will be learning via their virtual classrooms, they are still intent on finding jobs and internships and other career opportunities. They want to connect with you and continue to build professional relationships and career paths!

Here are some ways in which you can connect with students, and with us:

Linfield Career Is Here for You! Employer Engagement During Social Distancing

When you recruit Linfield students and alumni, you are connecting with outstanding Liberal Arts students who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Through 47 different majors, on- and off-campus leadership and experiential activities, rigorous coursework, and a support system that connects learning, life and community, these students are preparing to become industry leaders and pursuing their paths toward life-long career success.

Picture of Donna Montoya"It is my pleasure to work with our partners to help connect your career opportunities with our Linfield Students. A special thank you to our Linfield alumni and parents who seek out current students and recent graduates to join their organizations. Thanks for supporting your fellow Wildcats!"
-Donna Montoya Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships



It is Linfield Career Development’s On-Campus Recruiting Policy that all individuals and organizations wishing to conduct recruiting activities on the Linfield Campus must first contact Linfield Career Development. We will work with each recruiting organization to determine appropriate recruiting activities on campus that best serve the organization and our campus community. Please click here for our complete policy.

Please contact Donna Montoya at 503-883-2443 or dmontoya@linfield.edu for more information about any of Linfield’s On-Campus Recruiting activities. 

Employer and Recruiter Resources

Picture of Margo Ackerson"Linfield gave me the skills I needed to succeed here. My Linfield experience has helped me excel in my team, hone my communication style, and be able to continuously learn and apply my knowledge." - Margo Ackerson, Linfield Alumna, Technical Recruiter at Amazon"

Hire a Wildcat

To post all job openings (full-time & part-time) as well as internships and volunteer opportunities, please register an account for Cat Connect. This is a free resource that we offer to our students and employers to connect students to jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Career Development directly via phone (503-883-2733) or email Career Development if you have further questions.

Career Development will maintain the right to delete postings that require candidates to pay for employment and/or have incorrect contact information. For more information about guidelines for recruiting at Linfield please visit the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Picture of Scott Roskelley"It’s always enjoyable working with Linfield’s Career Development. They really understand the types of skills sets and educational backgrounds we’re looking for in the Peace Corps and strive hard to make sure we reach those audiences. Linfield offers many majors that align with what we’re seeking. The students who come to us are serious and well-prepared." - Scot Roskelley, Peace Corps Representative

Recruit Students

Recruiter's GuideDownload A Recruiter's Guide
to Connecting with
Linfield Students
Organizations are welcome to partner with Career Development to recruit Linfield students or build brand awareness on the Linfield campus.

  • Room and table reservations will be made by a Career Development staff member and confirmed with the recruiting organization.
  • Recruiters must utilize the space provided and not wander through campus.
  • Career Development staff will advertise campus visits to appropriate student populations.
  • Organizations are welcome to submit materials or messages for distribution.
  • The Career Development staff will make final decisions on what is distributed.
  • Two weeks advance notice is requested for recruiting activities.

Please contact Donna for more information about any of Linfield’s On-Campus Recruiting activities.

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Picture of Jesse Warner"Linfield teaches you how to be leaders through the broad liberal arts education and critical thinking." - Jesse Warner, Linfield Alumnus, Boeing

Ways to Recruit

On-Campus Interviews

We provide rooms to recruiters who wish to conduct internship and job interviews with current Linfield students for career opportunities.

Class Visits

We are your point of contact to reach out to faculty with the purpose of setting up presentations in classes regarding your career opportunities and company information.

Career Fairs

Fall Career Fairs

Office of Career Services

Local Opportunities Fair

This student event aims to connect Linfield students with professional opportunities ranging from internships to on-campus jobs, volunteer positions and part-time jobs in the community. This is an opportunity for you to connect with outstanding Linfield students to share information about opportunities within your organization. Co-sponsored by Career Development and Community Engagement and Service. The Local Opportunities Fair takes place during the first week of class each fall. Email Career Development for more information.

Grad School Expo

The Grad School Expo takes place every October and is our best opportunity for graduate programs to connect with students in person.

Meet The Firms Event

Our annual Accounting industry event connects students seeking a career in accounting-related fields with accounting firms and other organizations that hire interns and full-time accounting professionals. Please contact Kristi Mackay, Assistant Director of Internship Engagement for more information.

Spring Career Fairs

First Avenue Career Expo

A fair sponsored by six Oregon Liberal Arts colleges and universities. This event hosts 150 different employers and graduate schools, with 500 student participants. Please visit OLAPC First Avenue Website for more information and to register.

Connect on Campus Career Fair

Connect with Linfield students to hire for spring and summer paid internships, summer jobs, and post-graduate career opportunities.  Typically in March or April.

Information Sessions and Information Tables

Office of Career Services

We are your point of contact to set up information sessions outside of class time and information tables on the Linfield University premises.  We also advertise your events to appropriate students to help them learn how to connect with you.

Employer Luncheons

Office of Career Services

We partner with recruiters to host Employer Luncheons, through which you will meet students, present company information, and announce opportunities.  We reach out to appropriate students and faculty to invite them to these events. If you are interested in hosting an Employer Luncheon.

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82% of students engage in an internship or field experience during their academic career at Linfield

Image of Internship Guide Cover
Download An Employer's Guide
to Creating a Successful Internship
Linfield University encourages students to seek out internships to complement their coursework and develop professional connections to further their professional development.

An internship is an excellent way for students to apply their coursework to the world of work. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which students learn about a career through direct experience with an organization. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs. There is a focus on a project and an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place through your internship experience. Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally.

For additional information on the legality of unpaid internships, visit the US Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division guidelines.

Legal Information

On-Campus Recruiting Policy

It is Linfield Career Development’s On-Campus Recruiting Policy that all individuals and organizations wishing to conduct recruiting activities on the Linfield Campus must first contact Linfield Career Development. We will work with each recruiting organization to determine appropriate recruiting activities on campus that best serve the organization and our campus community.

Linfield Career Development follows NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice and advisory for appropriate recruitment and employment practices to best maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable, and support informed and responsible decision making by candidates.

As part of this policy, all organizations and individuals must also adhere to our confidentiality and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance policies and are subject to our Right of Refusal.

Right of Refusal

The Office for Career Development reserves the right to terminate from or refuse the participation of any organization in our recruiting activities. Reasons may include misrepresentation by providing dishonest information or absence of information, or complaints by students/alumni. In addition, the Career Development staff reserves the right to remove organizations or job postings that do not align with the college’s mission and/or provide any risk to a student's personal or financial well being.


Employment professionals will maintain the confidentiality of student information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). There will be no disclosure of student information to another organization without the prior written consent of the student, unless necessitated by health and/or safety considerations.

Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance

All employers recruiting Linfield students and using Linfield’s Cat Connect system, must comply with all applicable laws relating to equal employment opportunity (“EEO”) and may not discriminate against a job applicant because of his or her race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, marital status, or any other classes protected by local, state, and federal law. Federal law also prohibits citizenship status and national origin discrimination with respect to hiring, termination, and recruiting. For additional information on prohibited EEO practices, please visit the EEOC's Website and the Department of Justice Website.

NACE Principles for Employment Professionals

All employers recruiting Linfield students are required to uphold the professional conduct standards outlined in National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Employment Professionals, a subsection within the Principles for Professional Conduct.

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