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Career Development

Student Opportunities 

Your purpose is fueled by your natural skills, passions and values.  As a Linfield student, you will be constantly identifying new aspects of who you are as you participate in diverse college courses, study abroad programs, internships, athletics and more. We are here to help you purposefully target these activities and provide opportunities for you to explore and discover your unique self with the goal of finding meaningful work that serves a greater purpose to the world around you.

Individual Appointments

Contact us at 503-883-2733 or career@linfield.edu to set up a one-on-one meeting with Career Development to explore subjects like:

  • Discovering direction and exploring options in both college and the future
  • Asking larger questions of personal and unique meaning and purpose
  • Recognizing your values and interests that define who you are
  • Evaluating Your unique strengths and skills that you contribute to the world

 ReOrientation Retreat

 A retreat, convening prior to the start of the school year, for students to spend time immersed in community to explore and discover their purpose in life and how that contributes to their educational and vocational pursuits.  Students will have the chance for personal reflection as well as the opportunity to engage in on-site visits to learn from designated speakers about their personal vocational journeys and directly experience their vocational settings.

Externship Experience

During Jan Term break, students will have the opportunity to select job areas of interest based on prior vocational exploration and individually visit professionals in their place of work.  They will spend time observing the work environment, interviewing authorities in their field of interest, and reflecting on the impact of the externship experience on their vocational journey.

Academic Declaration

In collaboration with Academic Advising, additional programming and resources will be available to assist all Linfield sophomores in discovering and selecting their academic major.  In order to increase student self-awareness and intentionality during the major selection process, Career Development will be offering hosted small group interactions, discussions with professional speakers and panelists, and individual advising sessions looking at the Academic Declaration process through a vocational/calling lens.