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Welcome to Catalist!

Catalist is a program and website run by Linfield Career Development dedicated to connecting community members with our talented Linfield student freelance contractors. Here, you will find students with unique talents and professional skills for one-time or short-term freelance contract positions and specialized services.

Catalist is specifically for one-time or short-term freelance contract positions. Do you have an internship, part-time or full-time position opening? Please post these on Cat Connect, our online job board for students!

For any questions relating to Catalist please reach out to the Career Development office in Melrose 010 or email catalist@linfield.edu.

The Catalist

If you would like to contact any of the students below, please email catalist@linfield.edu.

Cale Byers
Photography/Social Media

"Photographer with experience in portraits, weddings, events, journalism, and black and white film. Knowledge of creating websites, advertising campaigns, and other social media management."

Cristina Ortiz
Writing/Translation (Spanish/English) 

"A native Spanish speaker with high proficiency in translating and interpreting for Spanish/English needs. Experience with translations and interpreting including within medical settings."

Yasmeen Ramos
Instagram: @yasy_ramos

"I am an artist that enjoys community projects. I want art to educate and enhance the audience it is meant for"

Heather McNutt-Kaestner

"I am trained in Photoshop Illustrator and have 4 years of experience working with visual media, particularly in logo work and design. I have also advised companies to help increase their social media presence and follower count. (This includes adding 2,000 Instagram followers in 3 months)."
*All work can be translated into Spanish*

Elsa Harris
Portraiture/Murals/Art Workshops
Instagram: @elsa_harris

"I am an artist that wants to give everyone the opportunity/enjoyment of owning a piece of fine art. I love creating work that is specific and special for the individual. I have worked with both small pieces (prints) and large pieces (murals)."

Liam Pickhardt
 Writing/Photography/Social Media
Website: liampickhardt.com, Instagram: @liampickhardt 

"Adventurer, traveler, writer, photographer; simply a doer of all things; so, describe me how you wish. But most importantly, I am a storyteller. Seamlessly blending photography, design and writing, I work on crafting stories, and I would love to help you craft your story. Whether it be for one event, one publication or for an extended period of time, I will help you craft your own, individually-designed story."

Riley Clayeux
Writing (Food & Beverage)

 "A foodie and writer, combining two of her passions in the form of a blog. Looking to collaborate with local businesses and alumni!"

Adrian Iu

"Client-oriented and project driven young professional that can expand your audience reach. Capable of translating Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Korean."


Claire Washburn

"Writing is my passion. I specialize in fiction writing and I'll write about anything if given the inspiration."

Hugh Hammons
Graphic Design/Fine Arts Design

"Digital and traditional artist working in multiple mediums and proficient in Adobe Creative Suite."


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