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Jan Term Career Exploration Courses

2019 topics: Sport Management & Wine Industry

Spend your Jan Term exploring an industry throug the lens of Career Development. Each section of this course studies a differnt topics with its field trips and guest speakers, while gaining in-class skills in the following areas:

  • Explore career possibilities!
  • Take an interest survey!
  • Learn how to conduct an effective job search!
  • Be ‘on the job’ with professionals – Career trips packed with site visits, guest speakers and other career contacts!
  • Find answers to that favorite ‘parent’ question: “What will you do with a major in THAT?”
  • Practice interviews with real recruiters and learn how to write a great resume!
  • Learn about career opportunities in the specific topic of focus!

Sound fun? Email us at career@linfield.edu or drop by the Career Hub in Melrose 010 for more info.  When you are ready to sign up, click here:

IDST 290: Career Exploration: Sport Management (Docx)

WINE 290: Wine Industry Careers (Docx)


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Here's What Our Students Have to Say:

"Without this Jan Term course, I cannot imagine where I would stand in my search for my summer internship and my career after college. This course has taught me a lot about myself, how to network my brand and how to make use of the connections I have made in the last month."

-Sam Riddle (Sport Management)

"I came into this class as a student one year away from graduation, terrified of sleeping on someone's couch and working at a coffee shop because I chose the wrong major or I didn't have enough real work experience. Over the course of this class, I have learned that the former reason is simply untrue and the latter is in my control."

-Amelia Warnock (Non-Profit Professions in the Arts and Humanities)

"This course removed the fear to reach out and ask for help and guidance, because more than likely these people were in similar circumstances as I am and want to help me through it as someone may have helped them in the start of their careers."

-Cailyn Bowen (Making, Performing, and Producing in the Humanities)

"From listening to the keynote speakers and site visits, it seemed like each person pursued their interests, whether that was in wine, chemistry, or design. Additionally, it seems like each of their paths to where they ended up today was long and winding, not straight and direct. Each person started with one simple opportunity and it eventually led them to where they are today."

-Peter Arthur (Wine Industry)











Jan Term Student Successes

Cassidy Robinson

Marketing and Wine Studies Junior
Elizabeth Chambers Cellar

It's important for you to be able to determine what decision is best for you, even if it means letting another opportunity go.

Heather McNutt-Kaestner

Mass Communication & Communication Arts Senior
Organizational Effectiveness
Columbia Sportswear

Success requires a strong support system. Career Development is that for me!

Tyler Kelsch

Accounting Senior
Audit Staff Accountant
Moss Adams

Come meet with career advisors early and often, but don't expect them to do all the work for you. Our career staff will help you with anything you could possibly think of but they will also expect you to put in work on your own to make your success happen.