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Yasmeen Ramos Yasmeen Ramos

Exercise Science / Studio Art Junior

Linfield College HHPA Art Installation

Be confident in your strengths as an individual. Understand your limitations and seek out advisors to help you improve them.

Morgan Scarbrough Morgan Scarbrough

French/Education Senior

English LanguageTeaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant Program In France (TAPIF)

Dream big and then figure out how to make it a reality. This job is what I've been working toward since I was 15. Find out as much as you can about what you want to do and then go for it!

Peter Kleier Peter Kleier

Mathematics Major with Economics and History minors Senior

Financial Adviser Internship
Northwestern Mutual

I think that it can not be understated how valuable our alumni network is

Kelly Schultz Kelly  Schultz

Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology Junior

REU Research Student
Georgia Tech

It’s never too early to start building a resume! Take every opportunity you can to participate in career-orientated opportunities.

Kailyn Rae Nelson Kailyn Rae Nelson

Electronic Arts and Psychology Senior

Graphic Design Intern
LVSYS Web + Software

Keep asking questions and seeking opportunities for yourself. Don't stress yourself out, but also don't get lazy and think just having classes and one part-time job on-campus (< 10 hours) is going to prepare you for your career. Also, make yourself dependable. Don't count on someone else to prepare your path (completely) for you; forge your own way!

Jasmin Aguilar Jasmin Aguilar

Psychology and Sociology Senior

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate
Henderson House

Don't let your nerves get the best of you - send that email, ask those questions, submit the application!

Serena Ong Serena Ong

Pyschology Senior

PAX Intern
Yamhill Community Care Organization (YCCO)

Always try to step out from your comfort zone! You might find something incredible out there! Also, don't afraid to present yourself!

Danielle Spirlin Danielle Spirlin

Physical Education with Sports Management minor Senior

Physical Education Teacher Education

Network with as many people as possible. You never know who has connections to your dream job.

Anisa Smith Anisa Smith

Exercise Science Senior

Cast Member
Walt Disney World

Apply even if it has nothing to do with your major, it can give you skills that can help in any future job

Nicole Alfonso Nicole Alfonso

Business Management with Communication Arts minor Senior

Event Coordinator
Bespoke Event Group

Tell people about what you want to do because you never know who will have what connections and people always like to help students find things they're interested in.

Heather McNutt-Kaestner Heather McNutt-Kaestner

Mass Communication & Communication Arts Junior

Organizational Effectiveness Intern
Columbia Sportswear

Success requires a strong support system. Career Development is that for me!

Kathy Trinh Kathy  Trinh

Biology Senior

Pharmacy Program

Grades are important, but extracurricular activities (such as internships, research and volunteering) will make you stand out from a large pool of applicants.

Kyler Hayes Kyler Hayes

Biology/Chemistry minor Senior

School of Dentistry
University of Washington

I would strongly recommend anyone applying for graduate school to work with their professors and mentors within their department. Also, definitely reach out to the career center for help with resumes and interview practice because it is such a great resource for students that will only help them achieve their goals for graduate school and beyond.

Tyler Kelsch Tyler Kelsch

Accounting Junior

Summer Tax/Audit Intern
Moss Adams

Start exploring summer internships in the fall. Many companies will close their internship applications by the 1st of the year and so it is important to research early

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