- Linfield College

Mission and Goals


It’s vital that every organization — for-profit and non-profit — has a mission statement to guide its decisions.

We practice what we teach!

As the Linfield Business Department, we not only have a mission statement, we actually use it. We’ve all worked in business, thus our faculty know that market, technology, employer needs – the list is long – constantly change.  We review our curriculum and individual classes annually, with our mission in mind.  It’s our compass.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Linfield Business Department is to equip students with critical knowledge and skills to enter professions and graduate study in business.  Our departmental courses and programs provide our students with a sound education in business within the context of a liberal education.

To deliver on our mission, we set knowledge and skill goals we expect our students to master before they graduate. These are:

  • Appreciate ethical, legal, and global aspects of business. 
  • Apply knowledge of the management and strategy of organizations. 
  • Demonstrate literacy in accounting. 
  • Understand the role of marketing. 
  • Demonstrate competency in financial analysis.