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Sport Management Minor

Dream about turning your love of sports into your life’s vocation?

You might see yourself as a college or professional sports coach, managing the business side of a sports team or fitness facility.   Perhaps it's promoting sporting events or owning a business that creates and sells sport-related products or services.   Or, perhaps you’ve identified another of the many dimensions found within the industry of sports management that gets you excited!  Helping you attain your vision is why we created this Sport Management minor.

An interdisciplinary program housed in the Linfield Business Department, the Sport Management minor helps round out your knowledge of this highly competitive, but personally rewarding industry.

Depending upon your major, this minor  was designed to give you theoretical knowledge in the fields of business, as well as economics,mass communicationphilosophy, and health and human performance and apply it to the study of sport management.

Completion of a Sport Management minor is good preparation for graduate studies in sport management or athletic administration careers, like sport business, management of sport, and sport marketing.

Goals for the Minor                                                                                               

To successfully complete a minor in Sport Management, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of theories of marketing, management,  and organizational behavior and how these theories are applied to sports enterprises;
  • Identify the basic principles of economics and finance and apply them to the sport industry;
  • Examine the social and cultural significance of sport in society; and
  • Analyze legal, moral, and ethical issues related to the field of sport management.

Requirements for the Minor

Complete 6 courses (22-24 credits), distributed as follows:

  • BNSS 250 Contemporary Business *
  • ECON 210 Principles of Economics
  • BNSS 350, The Management of Sport
  • ECON 321 Economics of Sport, ECON 322 Economics of College Sports, OR ECON 323 Topics in Sports Economics

Additionally, choose two courses (6-8 credits) from the following:

  • PHIL/SOAN 210 Sport Philosophy and Society
  • HHPA 350 Psychological Aspects of Sports and Physical Education
  • HHPA 390 Organization and Administration of Physical Education
  • HHPA 410 Gender Issues in Education & Sport
  • HHPA 425 Sport in American Society
  • HHPA 485 Coaching as a Profession
  • HHPA 487 Internship
  • MSCM 347 Principles of Public Relations*
  • MSCM 370 Public Relations Writing*
  • MSCM 375 Reporting*

*To receive elective credit for MSCM 347, 370, and 375, students must petition the SMG coordinator and provide a signed agreement between the student and the relevant course instructor stating that at least 1/3 of the course grade was devoted to sport or sport-related issues. The SMG coordinator must approve the petition before the Registrar will accept the elective credit.

Only two courses counted for the Sport Management minor may also be counted toward Linfield Curriculum or major requirements. With the permission of the coordinator of the Sport Management minor, one-time offerings may be substituted for courses already approved.

*Due to overlap in course content, BNSS 250 waived for students completing the 24-credit Business core sequence (BNAC 260, BNAC 261, BNMG 310, BNMK 321, BNSS 340, and BNFN 341).

If after reading about the Sport Management minor you’re excited and want to learn more, feel free to contact Admission who will connect you with any of these professors who teach in this interdisciplinary program.  They’re just as excited about sport management as you are!

Faculty Advisors

Denise Farag, J.D. - Business (Coordinator)

Randy Grant, Ph.D. - Economics

Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza, Ph.D. - Philosophy 

Garry Killgore, Ph.D. - Health, Human Performance and Athletics

Lisa Weidman, Ph.D. - Mass Communication