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Management Minor

Regardless of your major, your passions, or your career plan, if you plan to work for a living, you will be a manager, you'll have managerial responsibilities, or at the very least you'll need to work with managers.

Your technical skills may land you a managerial position, but your skill in working with others will determine your managerial effectiveness over the long term. You'll need to understand things like what tends to motivate people at work, how to recruit and reward them, how to organize them into teams and deploy their skills effectively, and how to manage conflict and change. You'll need to be able to develop your competencies and those of your team to contribute to your organization's success.

The 20-unit Management minor is designed to develop knowledge and skills in these fundamentals of management and is open to any student at Linfield College except Management majors.

If your major is in Business (Accounting, Finance, International Business, or Marketing):

The Management minor provides you with an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skills in an area that many consider to be the most challenging part of running a business: managing its people. In addition to BNMG 301 Management, already required in the business core, you'll take BNMG 405 Human Resource Management and three management electives.

If your major is not in Business:

Completing the Management minor complements your major by providing you with an overview of how business functions along with knowledge and skill development in management. In BNSS 250 Contemporary Business, you'll learn how business operates by studying such topics as business ethics, business organization, people and production management, accounting and finance, and marketing. Then you'll follow with required courses in management and human resource management, and two electives in management.

Management minor requirements:

  • BNSS 250 Contemporary Business*
  • BNMG 301 Management**
  • BNMG 405 Human Resource Management

Management minor electives; choose two:

  • BNMG 409 Leadership
  • BNMG 410 International Management
  • BNMG 415 Business, Ethics & Society
  • BNMG 423 Entrepreneurship
  • BNMG 436 Topics in Management Prior topics included: Leadership, Team Dynamics.
  • TCCA 340 Persuasion and Social Influence

* If you are a business major i.e. Accounting, Finance, International Business or Marketing, you are not required to take BNSS 250 and must substitute this class for another elective, for a total of three electives above.  Additionally, if you are an International Business major you may not count BNMG 410 towards your minor.

** Prerequisite for BNMG 310 is BNSS 250 for non-business majors and BNAC 260 for business majors with 30 credits completed at time of registration.

Questions about our Management minor?

If you're a business major, talk with your advisor.  If your major is outside the Business Department and you have questions, please contact Sharon Wagner, Management Minor Coordinator