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Marketing Major

Students at Vista Hills
Why are these marketing students posing with Martha Karson, second from left, from Vista Hills Vineyard? Find out!

Marketing is...

Brand management, consumer behavior, marketing research.  Pricing. Product management. Traditional, digital and social media

and so much more!

These are just a few areas Linfield marketing majors may find themselves drawn to in their careers. Unlike many majors, marketing is not only a multidimensional industry, but it's also constantly changing. What may be true yesterday could be totally different today as we live in a Web 2.0 world! Never a boring moment!

After you complete BNMK 321 Marketing, a required core business course, you'll dig more deeply into marketing and discover this for yourself.

While the minimum required for Linfield marketing majors is three from the list below, we suggest you do more! Take three courses AND land a marketing internship. Here's why. Our marketing graduates have discovered their internship networking opportunities are what really helped them land their post-graduation jobs. In fact, several internships have turned into full-time job offers! So, who knows what could happen for you!

Marketing major coursework:

Marketing Electives; choose at least three:

  • BNMK 420 Sales & Sales Management
  • BNMK 421 Promotions Management
  • BNMK 426 International Marketing (GP)
  • BNMK 427 Topics in Marketing* - topics have included: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research
  • BNSS 480 Independent Study in Marketing*** this is student created, professor supervised
  • BNSS 485 Seminar***
  • BNSS 486 Interdisciplinary Seminar**, ***
  • BNSS 487 Marketing Internship**

*May be repeated for credit with different content
**If the topic is closely related to marketing as determined by the supervising instructor
***Only one of BNSS 480, 485, and 486 may count toward the major.

Considering a minor or double major?

Previous marketing majors who were interested in expanding their knowledge of the mass media have often considered a minor in Media Studies or a double major in Marketing and Mass Communication.

Marketing majors who are artistic and interested in leveraging their talents through art and visual culture on the creative side of a marketing agency often consider a minor in either Visual Culture or Studio. Those who want added insights into consumer behavior have added a minor in Psychology.

If you're interested in sport marketing, you may consider our interdisciplinary Sport Management minor.  If working in a medium to large sized company or agency is your career path, you might consider a minor in Management so you have the knowledge to take on a supervisory role.

Questions about our Marketing major?

Contact our Admission Office to connect you with one of our marketing professors to learn more. They not only teach marketing, but they've both lived it as well having had real marketing jobs in the corporate world.