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International Business Major

It is a time of immense global change in the business world.

Demographic changes are shifting labor forces. Emerging markets are exerting considerable impact on global business. Disruptions in financial systems demonstrate the interconnectedness of the global economy. Technology continues to shrink the business world and increase the speed of business communication.

If understanding these issues and tackling the challenges they represent excites you, consider a major in International Business. While many colleges offer study in International Business, Linfield’s International Business major offers a unique set of experiences:

  1. Solid grounding in business fundamentals. Like all business majors at Linfield, International Business majors take core courses in economics, accounting, management, marketing, business law and finance.
  2. Breadth in the study of international business.International Business majors take three electives in international business or economics, drawn from the following list.
    BNMG 410 International Management  GP
    BNMK 426 International Marketing  GP
    BNSS 435 International Business Law
    BNFN 443 International Finance
    BNSS 480 Independent Study
    BNSS 487 Internship
    ECON 331 International Economics OR ECON 333 International Monetary Economics
  3. Breadth in the liberal arts. In addition to the extensive liberal arts coursework required of all students via the Linfield Curriculum, International Business students enhance their knowledge of another culture by taking at least one additional upper-division course in history, culture, politics or religion relevant to the modern era in a country or region outside the United States.
  4. Foreign language. International Business students demonstrate foreign language proficiency through the first year level. Many students choose to minor in a foreign language and we strongly encourage you to take this route. What better way to experience your semester abroad?  But, before you go, you must have taken a semester of foreign language at the intermediate level or TCCA 230 Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives. 
  5. Study abroad. During your semester or year of study abroad you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture to enhance your understanding of how business is conducted there. Understanding and appreciating different cultures is core to the mission of Linfield, which is why as a Linfield student the College pays your first study abroad airline ticket! To get started, you’ll work with the team in Linfield’s International Programs Office. They have established relationships at universities in 16 countries around the world. Then speak with your advisor to address any questions and determine in advance if courses you plan to take while abroad will satisfy Linfield course requirements.

International students

If you are an international student who came to Linfield from another country and want to declare an International Business major, you have two choices:

  1. Take six additional units outside the Business Department using the Linfield Curriculum designation U.S. Pluralism (US) courses.  These are in addition to requirements for all Linfield graduates….OR….
  2. Participate in a Linfield study abroad experience, as outlined above.

Questions about our International Business major?

If you’re considering an International Business major and have questions, feel free to Contact our Admission Office to connect you with Sharon Wagner, International Business major coordinator.