- Linfield College

Requirements for Majors and Minors

The biology major is available as a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, as defined in the section on degree requirements for all majors in this course catalog.

For a major: 38 credits. 210 and 211, 270, 285,400, 450, 486, and nine additional BIOL credits from courses numbered 220 or higher. In addition, CHEM 210, 211, 321 and 322.

For a minor : 20 credits in the department, including 210, 211 and at least three additional courses numbered 220 or above.

No more than a total of 5 credits from the following may apply towards a Biology major or minor: 220, 480, 485, 487, and 490.

For either a major or a minor, students with an AP Biology test score of 5, or with a score of 5 or higher on the International Baccalaureate subject exam in biology, receive 4 elective credits of Biology. They are not exempt from taking BIOL 210 and 211.

For Oregon Preliminary Teaching Licensure in Biology, a student must complete the Linfield Teacher Education Program requirements.. In order to complete these requirements, a student must begin taking education courses no later than his/her sophomore year. The student must be advised by an Education Department faculty member each semester prior to registration.

Student Outcomes

In successfully completing a major in biology, students must demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the basic principles and concepts of biology; 
  • an advanced level of competence in four areas of biology:
    1) Hereditary biology; 2) Cell biology; 3) Ecology; and 4) Evolutionary biology;
  • the ability to think critically and quantitatively;
  • the ability to synthesize information from a variety of different sources; and
  • the ability to write and speak in the discipline.