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Advising for Careers in Biology

Student programs can be tailored so they can prepare for ANY biological science or health science opportunity. The attached list indicates the wide range of careers our biology majors have entered in the past 10 years.

Graduate (Masters or Doctoral) programs in:

Anatomy Biochemistry Biology Botany
Fisheries and Wildlife Immunology Medicinal Chemistry Microbiology
Pharmacology Public Health Zoology Field biology
Natural Resources Oceanography Neurophysiology  

Professional programs in:

Dentistry Medicine Veterinary Medicine Pharmacy
Optometry Osteopathic medicine Chiropractic Podiatry

Employment in:

Biomedical illustration Cardiovascular technology Dental hygiene DNA technology
Medical technology Cardiovascular technology Laboratory technician Nuclear medicine technology
Nursing Occupational therapy Peace Corps  
Physical therapy Research technician (Clinical, Biotechnology, wine industry) Respiratory therapy Secondary education
Social work X-ray technology    

Faculty contact for Health Professions Advising