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Past Events

The C&EP office begins its summer season after spring commencement and ends it on August 15. During that time, the C&EP office typically serves over 30 different groups, hosting anywhere from 3000 to 5000 people during the summer months.

Cycle Oregon

The Castleman Quartet Program

McMinnville Summer Concert Series

International Pinot Noir Celebration

Linfield Wildcat Football Team Camp

Linfield Volleyball Camp



Linfield College has an exclusive food service contract with Sodexo-America, LLC for the college's food service needs. In the summer of 2000, Dillin Commons (the cafeteria) was renovated to provide a pleasant and warm atmosphere for all visitors and students. Sodexo has done an excellent job in providing for our summer clientele.

Sodexo provides a cafeteria service that is all-you-can-eat, and selections are bountiful. At breakfast, there is a cereal bar, fruit bar and the hot entrees. At lunch, there is a salad bar, dessert bar, the hot entrees and an occasional pasta bar or hamburger bar. For dinner, there is the salad bar, dessert bar and the hot entrees. During the lunch and dinner hours, there will be at least three hot entrees, one of which will be vegetarian. At all meals, there are ample drinks available. For those that require a special diet, Sodexo is willing to assist if they have advance notice.

Sodexo provides a wide variety of catering services for our summer conference clientele. Prices for these services will vary depending upon the menus chosen. Both can be provided upon request.


Depending upon the interest of the conference group, linens can either be included in the fee charged for housing or participants may bring their own bedding. Once a group has arrived, the C&EP staff will not enter a guest's room unless special circumstances require it (such as a maintenance item). For that reason, there is a towel and linen exchange offered in the C&EP Office. Guests may bring their soiled linens or towels to the office, and the staff will exchange them for clean items.


The college library has a wide variety of audio-visual equipment available for conference groups. Although the supply of some items are limited, items such as TVs and VCRs are found in most of the classrooms on campus. EMS services can be provided upon request.

Conferences and Events email: reservations@linfield.edu