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Conference & Event Planning

Laundry Facilities

The C&EP office does not operate any public laundry facilities. However, conference participants will find that there is at least one washing machine and one dryer in each residence hall usually on one of the lower levels. Guests are welcome to make use of these machines, but are encouraged to bring their own detergents.


The exterior doors to each residence hall have electronic locks requiring the use of a swipe card. The doors to each room inside the residence hall each have a key unique to that room. C&EP will provide guests with their keys.



Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the Linfield College Campus. This includes common use areas as well as private rooms. Smoking is also prohibited within 30 feet of a building entrance or window.


There is adequate parking along side streets and in parking lots to meet your conference group's needs. During the summer months, no parking permits are required. The only restrictions are on areas marked by yellow paint or special signs.


Because of health regulations, no pets are allowed on campus, with the exception of service animals.

Personal Property:

Guests are urged to take all necessary precautions to protect their personal property from damage by accidents, unexpected natural events, and theft. Guests are urged to keep valuables secured in their rooms and to keep room doors locked (with deadbolt lock) at all times. The college does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any guests' personal property under any circumstances, nor will it assume responsibility for belongings guests may leave behind in residence hall rooms at the conclusion of the conference.

Campus Safety:

Linfield's campus safety officers are easily recognized by their uniforms and they carry mobile phones at all times. The phone number to reach an officer is 503.883.7233. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The officers are responsible for locking and unlocking all campus buildings and residence halls and get instructions from the C&EP office regarding the times to unlock and lock the buildings.