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ASLC: Associated Students of Linfield College Sustainability Council

Past Grant Recipients


Earth Week 2016

Student Grantees: Sarah Stark and Marisa Specht

A $1,700.00 grant was provided to support the development and events of Linfield Earth Week! 2016. Earth Week is designed to spread awareness, inspire questions, and offer a course of action to students. 2016's goal was to reach out to the sub-communities and pockets of Linfield that do not typically participate in sustainability to increase a campus-wide understanding of not only Linfield's sustainability mission, but efforts to improve the health of the earth as a whole. Some of the events included participation with Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), a community bike ride, collaborative art project, distributions of sustainable products, and speakers Josh Howe and Florence Reed. Earth Week events were held from Saturday, April 16th to Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (OHESC) 2016

Staff Grantee: Duncan Reid (Sustainability Coordinator)

A $649.00 grant was provided to the Linfield Office of Sustainability to allow 10 students to participate in a regional conference focused on sustainability on college campuses. It allowed students to learn about what other schools were doing and network on current sustainability issues in the region for both academic and commercial purposes. OHESC took place from February 4-5 in Eugene, OR at Lane Community College.

Alternative Spring Break: Alaska Sustainability Outreach 2016

Student Grantees: Adan Martinez and Sarah Gomez

A $5,000.00 grant was given to support 12 students participation in an Alternative Spring Break Sustainability trip to Prince of Whales, Alaska to explore the common ground between human utilization and environmental preservation. The team of students partnered with the National Forest Service to explore environmental management and how to be mindful of the short and long-term environmental implications between humans and nature.

Medicinal Plant Garden-Extension

Student Grantees: Sandra Garcia and Lorena Alvarez

A $681.00 grant was provided to add a medicinal plant section to the Linfield Garden including, but not limited to, Oregano, Lavender, Thyme, Bee Balm, Chamomile, Sage, Wintergreen, Valerian, and Spearmint. These relatively easy to grow plants serve a variety of purposes beyond food flavorings such as treating wounds, mitigating flu symptoms, and overall health through tea infusions. The plants reflect many years of experience from Native American people who have been using them as natural remedies for centuries and are integral in their communities. The project aimed to not only educate students about the use of plants, but also to bring awareness to their historical and cultural value.


Alternative Spring Break & Bike Shelter

Student Grantees: Sarah Valentine & Duncan Reid

A $7,150 grant was given to support 12 students participation in the Alternative Spring Break Northwest Sustainability Challenge. Students worked with the Westwind Stewardship Group, Tryon Life Community Farm, Hot Lips Pizza, and other community organizations and sustainability-focused businesses on the Oregon Coast and in Portlannd. They then came back to McMinnville to install bike racks on campus and build an eco-roof bike shelter.

Linfield Bike Co-op

Student Grantees: David Kellner-Rode

The LBC was granted $3,115.70 to assist the project in its inaugural year. The money was used to purchase tools and equipment, which are used to repair and tune-up bikes belonging to Linfield Community members free of charge.

Linfield Community Garden

Student Grantees: Samantha Mack, Elizabeth Wilcox, & Lily Ratliff

The Linfield Community Garden was created from the work of ASLC Garden Club leadership and was granted $2,268 to put up a fence around the garden and to build raised garden beds. The Garden Club worked to educate the Linfield Community on gardening techniques and sustainable, local agriculture.

Click here for more information about the Linfield Community Garden.


Student Grantees: Katherine Kann & Rachel Codd

Two students were granted $744 to initiate a new composting project working with the Linfield Community Garden and Residence Life. They wanted to educate students in the residence halls and apartments about composting and provide a supply of compost to the Linfield Community Garden.