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ASLC: Associated Students of Linfield College Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council was founded in April of 2009 as an effort to enhance environmental support through student legislative grants which support sustainability programs and initiatives. The "Petition for the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund" charges students $10.00 per semester as part of their student body fees, coming to an approximate total of $30,000.00 per year. This sum is divided into two portions: $15,000.00 is used to fund student-led sustainability initiatives while the other $15,000.00 supports Linfield's carbon-offset program in conjunction with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Services. 

Proposals for student-led sustainability initiatives are submitted to the Sustainability Council who review, decide upon, and allocate funds to each proposal. The council is made up of the ASLC student body president, Linfield Sustainability Coordinator, ASLC Sustainability Coordinator, and council members made up of members of the Linfield Student Community. The council meets bi-weekly, the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month throughout each semester. 

Who can apply?

Any member of the Linfield Community may apply for a Sustainability Grant if they are interested in building a more sustainable campus and community at Linfield. Grant proposals are reviewed on a rolling deadline and distribution is subject to the discretion of the council. Please note that if you need funds by a specific date to pay for speakers, events, etc. make sure to apply in an appropriate time manner.

For some examples of previously approved grants, please check out our "Past Grant Recipients" tab. If you have an innovative idea that would grow the culture of sustainability at Linfield, please fill out an application from the "Sustainability Grant Application" tab. 

Interested in applying for a grant, but telling yourself, "I don't how to do it," or, "it looks too complicated"? Then, by all means, email the ASLC Sustainability Coordinator or a member of the council. We can help you develop your ideas further, go through the application with you, or provide tips in how to better explain and present your proposal. 
If you would like any guidance through an application, have questions on sustainability at Linfield, or interested in meeting the friendly people, please contact Sarah Stark, the ASLC Sustainability Coordinator, at

Current Council Members:

  • Lewis Faller
  • Jim Harger
  • Dave Nagaji
  • Shelby Thomas
  • Rachel Blanco
  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Ellie Gallagher
  • Andrew Hampson
  • Bailey Morales