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ASLC: Associated Students of Linfield College ASLC Senate

Proclamations & Resolutions

A proclamation, resolution, or petition is a formal stance, change of policy, or recommendation, adopted by the ASLC Senate. They can be proposed by any Linfield College student and, depending on the type of resolution, may require a simple majority, a 2/3 super-majority, or an all-campus vote. Students may propose resolutions to alter ASLC bylaws, take an ideological stance (against coal plants, for instance), or make student opinion on a particular matter (such as the Residence Life overnight-guest policy) clear to the college administration or faculty. Resolutions brought before ASLC Senate in the past can be found below. To learn more or to present a resolution to the Senate, contact the ASLC Vice President Kenna Whatley.

Linfield Stands With Standing Rock - Passed (Fall 2016)

Resolution in Support of Gender Inclusive Housing - Passed (Spring 2016)

Resolution in Support of a Tobacco Free Campus - Passed (November 28, 2011)

Proclamation in Support of Distributing Diplomas at Commencement - Passed (October 18th, 2010)

Proposal to Amend Linfield Branding - Defeated (May 10th, 2010)
Proclamation for Student Vote on Faculty Committees - Passed (May 3rd, 2010)
Resolution for Shutting Down the Boardman Coal Plant - Defeated (April 19th, 2010); Passed (May 17th, 2010)
Proclamation for Distribution of Diplomas at Graduation - Passed (April 5th, 2010)*

Petition for the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund - Passed (April 27th, 2009)^
Proclamation for the Amendment of Residence Life Visiting Hours - Passed (November 17th, 2008)* 

*Supported by Senate Constituency Reports.

^Voted on in a campus-wide ballot initiative.