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Goals and Requirements for Majors and Minors

Goals for Majors and Minors

Students who successfully complete a major in studio art will:

  • demonstrate technical skills in at least one studio medium;
  • produce a coherent, cohesive body of work accompanied by an artist statement;
  • create and present works of art through visual, verbal and oral means;
  • develop research, analytical and critical skills; and
  • demonstrate understanding of major trends in modern and contemporary art.

Requirements for Majors and Minors

The Studio Art major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only, as defined in the section on degree requirements for all majors in this course catalog.

For a major in Studio Art: 46 credits, 101, 102, 103, 110, 120, 310, 311, 390, 391, 395 and three studios, two of which are in the same medium. Students seeking to declare a major in Studio Art shall have completed at least 101, 102 or 103 and be currently enrolled in a third foundation course. Portfolio reviews for those declaring the major will be scheduled each semester.

For a major in Studio Art (Thesis-track) (Advised for all majors who intend to attend graduate school or pursue a career in the visual arts): all requirements for the studio art major plus 490, 491 and one additional visual studies course (210, 214, 314 or 315). Thesis-track students must maintain an overall 2.5 GPA and a cumulative 3.000 average in all ARTS courses. Only thesis-track students are considered for departmental honors.

For a minor in Studio: 20 credits, including 100, 101, 110, 120 and one additional studio elective. Minors must achieve a grade of C or better in all required courses.

For a minor in Visual Studies: 20 credits, including 110, 310, 311, 314 and one additional visual studies course (210, 214 or 315).

For Oregon Initial Teaching Licensure in Art: a student must complete the Linfield Teacher Education Program requirements (see page 60). In order to complete these requirements, a student must begin taking education courses no later than his/her sophomore year. The student must be advised by an Education Department faculty member each semester prior to registration.