Lucas Coffin: The Winnower

Exhibition Dates: August 30 - September 9

Lucas Coffin will give an artist talk titled “Abstracted Visual Pedagogies” on August 30 in Delkin Hall at 5PM. The talk will be followed directly by opening reception held in Nils Lou Gallery and Linfield Gallery, until 7pm.


kids in lecture hall

Lucas Coffin is a multi-media artist from the St. Louis Missouri Metropolitan area. He received his Masters in Visual Arts from the University of California San Diego and Bachelors in Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. He has shown his work nationally and he is currently employed by the Visual Art Department at UCSD as the Instructional Media Specialist. There he aids students and faculty through production and post-production audiovisual technologies in gallery exhibitions, classrooms, and individual art practices.


From Lucas Coffin “I am interested in the physical and metaphysical power relationships between materials, people, and communication. Specifically, my work aims at the over programing of people with regiments of utilitarian knowledge that is geared to propel one through flawed systems based on merit. America is a meritocracy. According to this ideology, so long as a person is willing to work hard, she or he can find success and happiness while overcoming adversities and combating circumstance. This is not necessarily the case for most people, but still majority of the members in our society believe it to be true.


My background substantially impacts the way I understand and produce work. I am always channeling a small part of my past who still works construction, programs electronic lottery games at a bingo hall, is a help-desk technician for a network communications company, is an assistant preparator at a sculpture park, and a teaching artist for a nonprofit company that employs inner city youth to design and make public artworks. Most relevant to my current work, includes my time working as a paraprofessional in the public education system with students who have disabilities. I try not to look at my previous occupations as stepping-stones, or paychecks at the end of the week, but as invaluable sites of learning. In my own reflections I realize, despite coming from a lower socio economic status, I have always had a person to fulfill a support role, to act as my one to one.


The Winnower is an experimental video that embodies my ideologies through an immersive sensory experience, whimsical narrative, and abstraction. It was made the summer of 2015 before my son was born.