Linfield’s 2020 Thesis & Portfolio Online Exposition



May 11 – June 22, 2020

Artist: Dustin Lau, Aly Langer, Krysten Baryo, Benny Ulibarri, Caroline Hall, Jordan Davis, Nissa Jenson, Keith Rasmussen

Reconnecting… emphasizes the need for interaction with each other during a time of change due to the pandemic. We, like the technology that surrounds us, were required to make certain updates to our school, work, and daily lives, which, in turn, impacted our processes of creating. Now more than ever, we must focus on re-establishing connections we may have lost. Despite challenges in Wi-Fi connectivity, we strive to emphasize support for each other and our passions. Through various forms and expressions, we showcase our work in an online format. Although photos and videos cannot replace physical interactions with our art, Linfield presents its inaugural online exhibit, reconnecting viewers to art that can make you stop scrolling, if only for a moment. For videos of artist talks check out the @linfieldgallery on instagram!