I'll Be Your Mirror

Student Juried Show

Curated by Daniel Duford 

November 28-December 14, 2018 @ Linfield Gallery

Opening Reception: November 28, 5-7PM @ Linfield Gallery


 Image: Mirrors Lie, Devon Loukas, Acrylic on canvas

Featuring works by: Jordan Davis, Taylor Dean, Rachel Gurevich, Elsa Harris, Caroline Hall, Courtney Hicks, Sarah Hutchison, Lexi Kerr, Ally Langer, Devon Loukas, Joel Mills, Makenzie Mize, Nikolai Ortiz, Sabrina Potts, Alexamanda Reyes, Laney Riggins, Kelly Roth, Gwen Weber


About the Juror:

Daniel Duford is an artist, writer and teacher. He is a Hallie Ford Fellow, a MacDowell Fellow and a recipient of an Art Matters grant. He is Executive Director of The Ground Beneath Us, an artist residency and intensive summer class based on visual narrative and social justice in Waterford, Vermont. His work has been shown at MASS MoCA, Contemporary Craft Museum, and Boise Art Museum. His writing has appeared in Artweek, Parabola and Ceramics: Art and Perception. For more information, visit: www.danielduford.com


Statement from the Curator:

 “I’ll be your mirror

Reflect what you are

In case you don’t know”

From “I’ll be your Mirror” by The Velvet Underground and Nico


Consider the two–way mirror—a staple in cop dramas. Observers can stand behind the mirror to observe an interrogation without detection. Inside the room it simply appears as a reflection. That reflection is an echoed opacity both limiting and expanding the perception of space within the cell. When a suspect is especially clever he or she will look at their own reflection but address the hidden adversary. This is a trope that shows the audience we are dealing with a particularly dangerous quarry. Mirrors can reflect back onto ourselves, they can deflect back out into the world and they can be a pierced veil through which two worlds are joined.


I bring up the mirror because as I was choosing the work for this exhibition I couldn’t help but see the prevalence of the mirror as a character. Caroline Hall’s “Sticking to Selfies” is an image of double reflection—the phone and the mirror. Ally Lange’s “My Broken Body” is literally made up of mirror shards rendered into the form of a female torso and threatening with cutting edges. Devon Loukas’s “Mirrors Lie” gets at the manner in which a mirror could deceive us about how we present to the world and the attendant contradiction of who were are inside versus what the world sees. Taylor Dean’s “Ode to Ramona Bennett” is different kind of mirror—one that is aspirational and honorific. 


Once this thread of reflection and observation revealed itself, it was clear in almost all of the work. Through all of the mediums—whether painting, photography or installation—the deflected and represented self connects these works. It was an honor to spend so much time with all of the talent and varied works present in the Linfield Art Department. I enjoyed getting deeper insight into the thesis work of several of the artists in the department. I want to thank Josephine Zarkovich and all the faculty who hosted me. In any juried show there are many possible configurations. Thanks to all who participated.



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