September 2 - October 10 2009

Bean Gilsdorf

Assembly, line, image, system

“Assembly, line, image, system”, an exhibition of work by Portland artist Bean Gilsdorf, will open Wednesday, Sept. 2, in the Linfield College Fine Art Gallery in the James F. Miller Fine Arts Center. The exhibition runs Sept. 2 through Oct. 10. A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, Sept. 5, from 2-5 p.m. Using life-sized prints from 10 different automobiles, Gilsdorf constructs a large scale installation from fabric, paint, dye, bleach and thread that sweeps along the circumference and runs beyond the enclosure of the gallery’s four walls, building a continuum of color and implied motion. Gilsdorf takes a cue for this exhibition from the French idiom faire la navrette, which means “to commute”, but which references the back-and-forth pass of the shuttle in the loom while weaving cloth. The images of industrially-produced objects on hand-printed and dyed fabric explore formal relationships of line, shape and color. Composed of more than 100 continuous feet of cloth and hung from the ceiling by 220 individual threads, the installation references mass production but retains the allure of the hand-crafted.

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