September 10 - September 18, 2016

Donald Morgan and Rebecca Peel

Portland2016 Biennial of Contemporary Art

The "Portland2016 Biennial of Contemporary Art," a groundbreaking collaborative exhibition, is on display now through Sept. 18 at the Linfield Gallery in the James F. Miller Fine Arts Center. A reception featuring two of the Portland2016 Biennial artists, Donald Morgan (Eugene) and Rebecca Peel (Portland), will be held Saturday, Sept. 10, from 1-5 p.m. with wine and light refreshments in the Linfield Gallery.

Curated by Michelle Grabner, this year's Portland2016 Biennial showcases 34 artists at 25 partner venues in 13 communities across the state, an event that marks the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of Oregon art. The two-month project stems from the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center based out of Portland, a program widely renowned as one of the region's most innovative and forward-thinking artistic communities. While integral in the recognition of national and international artists, Disjecta fundamentally supports local talent with the Portland Biennial exhibit. Originally created in 2010, the Portland Biennial represents a collection of local artists who are creating and developing Oregon's contemporary arts landscape with their work.


The Portland2016 Biennial will reflect Grabner's investigation into regionalism, or how an artist's specific geography and culture later manifest in their creative works. In a broader sense, the exhibit will examine how individual and local relations impact the global art community as a whole.

"I've always imagined the Biennial as a statewide event, a way to encourage cultural exchange," says Disjecta Director Bryan Suereth. "Michelle's interest in geographic proclivities made this an opportune year to expand the footprint of the exhibition. It serves a dual purpose; while celebrating the great art being made throughout the state, it also elevates the unique landscapes and communities of Oregon."

The Portland2016 Biennial exhibit will feature works of various mediums from the following artists: Avantika Bawa, Carla Bengston, David Bithell, Pat Boas, Mike Bray, Bruce Burris, Julia Calabrese & Emily Bernstein, Cherry & Lucic, David Eckard, Tannaz Farsi, Jack Featherly, Howard Fonda, Julie Green, Midori Hirose, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Colin Kippen, Anya Kivarkis, Michael Lazarus, Charlene Liu, Giles Lyon, Ellen McFadden, Whitney Minthorn, Donald Morgan, Brenna Murphy, Julia Oldham, Rebecca Peel, Lisa Radon, Jon Raymond, Jack Ryan & Chi Wang, Heidi Schwegler, Rick Silva, Storm Tharp, Weird Fiction and Ryan Woodring.

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