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Linfield License Plate Programlicense plate design

These plates will be available beginning November 4, 2015

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Q. Why would I want to purchase a Linfield Wildcat license plate?

A. Purchasing a Linfield license plate is a great way to show your Wildcat pride. You will be easily recognized as a Linfield fan, and both alumni and prospective students will see the plate and think of Linfield. Also, a portion of the fees will come back to Linfield and will be used for student scholarships and alumni programming.

Q. If I purchase Linfield Wildcat plates, do the special plate fees benefit Linfield?
A. Yes. After the state has been paid administrative fees for each set the remainder of the fee will benefit Linfield alumni programming.

Q. Can I purchase a Linfield Wildcat license plate for all of my vehicles?
A. Yes. DMV will issue plates to any vehicle registered in your name. Plates are available for registered passenger vehicles, and light duty pickups.

Q. Will the Linfield Wildcat plate(s) be given out upon initial purchase?
A. No. Plates will be mailed from Oregon DMV headquarters.

Q. How much do the new Linfield Wildcat plates cost?
A. The original cost to purchase a set of Linfield Wildcat plates includes a $24 plate fee that is due when DMV issues new plates, a $32.00 surcharge plus any applicable registration fees, $5 at registration if changing plates at renewal, $10 if changing plates in between registration renewal. When the vehicle registration becomes due, you will need to pay an additional $32.00 surcharge to keep the Linfield Wildcat plate on your vehicle even if you have not had the plate for a full year. To determine the total cost due, contact Oregon DMV at (503) 945-5000.

Q. When will I know what Linfield Wildcat plate configuration I will be issued?
A. Once you have paid for your new plates, you will receive a temporary registration card in the mail with your new plate. Group plate configurations are four alpha characters randomly and sequentially assigned by DMV.

Q. Can I personalize my Linfield Wildcat special license plate?
A. No, custom configurations are not available for group plates.

Q. Do I need anything special to purchase this plate?
A. Complete and submit an Application for Registration or Replacement Plates and/or Stickers (Form 735-268) to DMV with the appropriate fees ($32 surcharge, $10 between-renewal or $5 at-renewal replacement fee, and any registration fees due). Application can be mailed to DMV at:
DMV Vehicle Mail
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314

You may also take your application and fees to a DMV office. Offices only accept checks, money orders, or cash at this time.

Q. Can I purchase a new plate even if my vehicle is not due to be renewed until months after the plate becomes available?
A. Yes. You can purchase a new plate at any point during your registration period.

Q. Can I buy a Linfield Wildcat plate as a gift for someone else?
A. No, not unless you and the recipient are both registered owners of the vehicle that will bear these plates.

Q. What happens to the special plates when I sell my vehicle?
A. If you sell your vehicle and purchase a new vehicle, you may pay a $6 transfer fee and transfer the plates to your new vehicle. If you choose not to keep your Linfield plates, you may leave them on the vehicle and the new vehicle owner will take possession of those plates with the purchase of the vehicle.