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Hanging out

Hem lengths and hairstyles may change through the decades, but one thing remains the same -- students of every decade love their hang-outs.

 The Pop Shop
Northrup Library from the 1950's
The Rocket Café from 1974
Taylor Hall
Sandwich Express
Muchas Gracias

Edith (Duffy) Reynolds '51
Favorite eatery: Sweeny's Bakery
Hang out: The library was the best place to flind a date for a coming event
Study area: We either had to study in our rooms or at the library

Bob Lunt '52
Favorite eatery: Hoys for burger and fries -- around 10 p.m.
Hang out: Theta Chi house
Study area: Library

Dick Getchell '55
Favorite eatery: Hoys for fried mush 
Hang out: Old Delta house 
Study area: Old Delta house

John Prutsman '57
Favorite eatery: Bud and Dot’s for great cheeseburgers
Hang out: Pop Shop
Study area: The ATO House

Mike Stelman '63
Favorite eatery: The Rocket where hamburger buns were made in the shape of a rocket
Hang out: Riley student center
Study area: Old library

Dave Bennett '63
Favorite eatery: The Rocket Café for a rocket burger
Hang out: Sure wasn’t the library
Study area: I didn’t realize it was important to study. Had I known, I could have been a doctor.

Judy (Jandrey) Hubbard '64
Favorite eatery: Pop's Shop - burgers
Hang out: Riley
Study area: Out under the oak trees 

Kathy (LeDuc) Heisler '65
Favorite eatery: Pop’s Shop or Rocket Café. Pop's Shop was right next door to Campbell Hall and Lois would let us charge if we were short on cash. We walked most places, none of the girls had cars.
Hang out: Sorority room, Campbell Hall lounge, other spots I should not mention
Study area: Our rooms

Bob Howd '66
Favorite eatery: Rocket Café for rocket burger and fries
Hang out: Cozine Creek, with a sweetie
Study area: Taylor Hall, library or the practice rooms in Frerichs Hall

Mike Reed '68
Favorite eatery: Alf’s for a cheeseburger
Hang out: Dorm or the Delta house; occasionally the Rocket
Study area: Library early, then the dorm or fraternity room for late-night study

Rusty Rae '68
Favorite eatery: Late at night, nothing beat a Rocket shot; for a decent steak, the Blue Moon
Hang out: Riley snack bar; pick-up basketball game, or if basketball or baseball practice was going on, to kibitz with Coach Ted Wilson or Roy Helser; game of bridge or hearts with students and a certain business professor
Study area: Study -- What, are you kidding?

Garlinn (Hansen) Story '69
Favorite eatery: Canadian bacon pizza at Shakeys 
Hang out: Riley was always a great place to hang out in the early days
Study area: Believe it or not – the library!

Jan Edmonson '72
Favorite eatery: Alf’s for a hamburger (I couldn’t afford fries)
Hang out: My dorm. We ladies had a 10:40 p.m. dorm curfew, which impacted hanging out or even studying late across campus.
Study area: Northup Library, my dorm or outside under a tree if it wasn’t raining -- or cold.

Kip Patterson '72
Favorite eatery: Back then it was the 'A and W' and definitely Shakey's (now Izzy's)
Hang out: Riley student union (with the music, ping pong and pool tables) and my girlfriend's (now wife's) room
Study area: Usually my dorm/fraternity room or with Natalie. The library, only when I had to.

Martha (Barbee) Van Cleave '75
Favorite eatery: Rocket Café for a fried egg sandwich or Flying Saucer (hot butter horn with soft ice cream)
Hang out: Linfield Little Theatre
Study area: Northup Library

Candy Dahl '75
Favorite eatery: Not sure it was a favorite but as the dining hall only served two meals on Sunday we discovered KFC was open for Sunday dinner and that was a big splurge then so it was just an occasional treat!
Study area: My room at Failing Hall (I remember my dad commenting it was an odd name for a college dorm. No doubt, he wasn't paying for me to fail!)

James Mattern '76
Favorite eatery: Rocket or Sizzlers
Hang out: Rec room behind the mail room
Study area: Library on rainy days, Oak Grove on nicer days

Curt Shepard '78
Favorite eatery: Alf’s for a cheeseburger, fries and milkshake or steak at the Blue Moon
Hang out: Riley
Study area: Riley

Gary Walker '78
Favorite eatery: Rocket and Alf's. Sambo's was open late and coffee was 10 cents. Fueled many a late-night, rather-talk-than-study session.
Hang out: KSLC
Study area: Dorm

Mark Wickman '78
Favorite eatery: Alf’s for the $1.40 hamburger and the 90-cent shake or TGI Friday's
Hang out: My dorm room
Study area: My dorm room…pretty sad, huh???

Ava (Maliner) Philippus '83
Favorite eatery: Shari’s for pie and coffee for late night studying
Hang out: Curling up on a cozy library chair or the student center. On a nice warm day, I liked to walk down into the wash. It was beautiful and peaceful.
Study area: My room in Frerichs Hall

Kellie (DeFranco) Lee '87
Favorite eatery: The Sage, Blue Moon or Shari’s
Hang out: Where we lived
Study area: Home

Bill Eisert '88
Favorite eatery: The Deluxe Billiards for a Deluxe Burger (and something to wash it down with)
Hang out: The game room (back when it was on first floor of Riley)
Study area: Library or ASLC offices

Tiffany (Rieder) Reimann '89
Favorite eatery: Alf’s for hamburger, fries and ice cream
Hang out: Riley, Shari’s and the Deluxe
Study area: Library upstairs table by window

Nissa (Cockrell) Roberts '96
Favorite eatery: Pre-age 21, Video Yogurt Express for yogurt and sandwiches. Post-age 21: The Deluxe for beer and the Deluxe Burger!
Hang out: Dorm hallways, Riley lounge, Dillin, the stadium on fall Saturday afternoons, and the IM field on sunny days.
Study area: Dorm hallway, Riley, unoccupied classrooms in Taylor or Walker

Dan Roth '00
Favorite eatery: Shari’s for french fries and way too much coffee
Hang out: Dillin Hall and the Catalyst
Study area: Taylor Hall classroom

Jamie McIntyre '08
Favorite eatery: Sandwich Express (oh how I miss that place) for turkey on whole wheat
Hang out: On a sunny day out on the grass by Hewett Hall
Study area: O'Riley’s lounge or back of the library by the fireplace

Lauren Harvey '12
Favorite eatery: Sandwich Express for BBQ chicken sandwich
Hang out: HPs
Study area: Library, O’Riley’s

Daniel Harmon '12
Favorite eatery: Muchas Gracias for bacon breakfast burrito with sour cream
Hang out: Ted Wilson Gymnasium
Study area: Renshaw