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Discovery Project Frequently Asked Questions

How are interviewees chosen?
Our hope is to interview a broad range of Linfield alumni from across the country, and that may include you! Interviewees are chosen based on their proximity to where our student ambassadors live during the summer. Selected alumni will have received a letter from Linfield’s President, Thomas Hellie, and will receive a phone call or e-mail from a student ambassador in their region to set up a convenient meeting time.

Why haven't I been invited to participate in an interview?
We hope to interview a cross-section of Linfield alumni over the next several years. We're currently reaching out to alumni in areas of highest concentration and in regions where many of our current students live during the summer.

What will the interviews cover?
The interview is a great chance to share your story! It will focus on your life since graduation, your memories of your alma mater, and your impressions of Linfield today. Students will have helpful questions to guide the conversation, and you'll have the opportunity to ask your ambassador about campus life and the latest news from the college.

Does Linfield really want to hear what I have to say?
Absolutely. Our ambassadors are aware that Linfield alumni have all had different experiences – some positive, some negative. Because we believe that the voice of each of our alumni is important, we encourage you not to exclude yourself if you have things to say that you think the college might not want to hear. It's our hope to learn from a wide range of alumni experiences.

Who will be conducting the interviews?
Current students will be hired to interview alumni during Linfield’s summer break.

How long will the interviews be?
We anticipate that the one-time interview will take no more than an hour. We have asked student ambassadors to keep to that time frame in order to honor the time you’re giving to them.

Where will the interviews take place?
Interviews will take place in a public location, perhaps a coffee shop, an office building, or another location convenient to for the person being interviewed.

Will I be asked for money during the interview?
No. Our student ambassadors will not be asking for money. They simply want to hear your stories.

What will you do with the information from the interviews?
The information collected as part of the interviews will help strengthen the programs, services and communications we offer to alumni around the globe. The college is committed to learning how to care more effectively for its students and alumni as a result of these interviews.

How can I prepare for my interview?
Simply come to the interview willing and ready to share your story. It would also be a good idea to be sure the college has your updated contact information on file so that we can get in touch with you. Easily update your information here.

I have a few more questions or comments about the Alumni Discovery Project. Whom may I contact?
Please contact Craig Haisch, at chaisch@linfield.edu or Joni Claypool at jclaypool@linfield.edu.