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Alumni Profile: Paul Griego '07 

Pediatric Intensive Care Trauma Chaplain
Children's Hospital
Majors: Religious Studies

What are you doing now?
Currently, I am a Trauma Chaplain at Children's Hospital Colorado

Tell us about yourself.
I have been at Children's for five years now after completing my seminary education at Iliff School of Theology and my CPE residency at Penrose St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. I live with a recessive genetic syndrome called Ushers Syndrome that causes me to lose my hearing and sight. I am bilaterally cochlear implanted. I love to take advantage of whatever senses I have left by living my life full of adventure and travel.

How did Linfield help prepare you for your career?
Linfield helped create the beginning stages of how to think critically and reaffirmed my calling to be a part of something bigger than myself. It gave me the tools to be successful at the next level of education and beyond. I am forever grateful for Linfield's role in my journey and the connections I still keep to this day. Much of my theology has to do with relationship and community, something I definitely learned while being at Linfield.