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Alumni Profile: Katie Bomberger '06 

Medical Operations Manager
Lifeguard Air Ambulance

What are you doing now?
After initial training (and several years) as an ICU nurse, I now manage medical operations for a company that does long range and international patient transfers. For example, if a man goes to Bangkok on business, has a heart attack and ends up on life support in the ICU, we take our plane and a medical crew to Bangkok to bring him back home. We also take foreign visitors that have a medical emergency back home to their countries as well. In addition to my nursing degree, I have a master’s degree in healthcare administration. I will likely go back for my DNP next.

Tell us about yourself.
I’ve been a critical care nurse now for 10 years. In addition to flight nursing I work for a staffing agency. I generally go to small hospitals in critical access areas that need an extra hand. I enjoy working with Special Olympics and coach a sport every season. (If you ever get the chance- do it. It’s one of the best things I have ever done.) I live in Hillsboro with my boyfriend of 18 years and our dog.

How did Linfield help prepare you for your career?
Going into grad school I couldn't believe how well prepared I was! Funny enough one of the girls in my grad school class was from the Linfield McMinnville Campus. You could definitely tell how the curriculum at Linfield stacked up to education from other institutions. Additionally, the experiences as a student athlete in traveling and time management have helped with my current job and my coaching. The education from Linfield is a given, but I’ve noticed the people are really what stick with you. You run into fellow Wildcats in so many places- and it’s a great connection to have.