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Alumni Profile: Scott Pinske '11

Production Analyst
Columbia Sportswear Company
Major: International Business

Tell us about your employer.
I am a production analyst with Columbia Sportswear. In my current role I manage the production of apparel out of Central American factories, and act as the liaison between our contracted facilities in the region and our internal departments at Columbia. In short, I am responsible for making sure that our vendors are building Columbia products on time and in accordance with our rules and regulations.

Tell us about yourself.
I was raised in a small coastal village on the Northern California coast, and have stayed in Oregon since graduating from Linfield in 2011. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to land a temporary position in logistics at Columbia Sportswear. From there, I moved throughout the company until landing my current role, which I have been doing for the past three years. Outside of work, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. From backpacking in the summers to snowshoeing in the winter, I find any excuse to be outside. I've also continued distance running since my days on the Linfield cross country team, although training seemed to be easier during college! I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world for work, and I am constantly looking for the next, new country to visit.

How did Linfield help prepare you for your career?
Linfield jump-started my desire to work in a field with an international reach, thanks in part to my January Term and semester abroad experiences. In addition, my Spanish minor has greatly helped in my current role, where I work with non-English speakers on a daily basis. I've also greatly benefited from the small group work and discussions that are so common in a Linfield education. This taught me the true meaning of teamwork, and how it takes opinions and input from everyone involved to make group work successful. Most importantly, Linfield let me follow my passions, and helped connect those passions into a career.