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Linfield Alumni Alumni Profiles

Linfield Alumni Profiles

We are proud of our alumni and the impact they have on their communities. Below are profiles of a few of the over 25,000 people that call themselves alumni of Linfield College. Would you like to be featured as an Alumni Profile? If so, fill out the Alumni Career Path form, and you will be contacted by a member from the Office of Alumni Relations.

Engaging the next generation in democracy

Chipo Dendere '08
Assistant Professor | Gettysburg College

"Linfield was my home for the first four years of my life in the United States and a lot of what I understand about the US and its culture was motivated by experience at Linfield."

Experiencing the business side of sports and entertainment

Brian Simpson '96
Regional Sales Manager | KemperSports

"Linfield's small classes provided an opportunity to really get immersed with my passion."

Attending to matters of the heart

Jared Plumb '07
Internal Medicine Physician| University of Florida Medical Center

"My experiences at Linfield gave me the knowledge, discipline and skills necessary to pursue a career in medicine."

Putting out fires - literally

Meghan Sherman ' 07
Firefighter| United States Forest Service

"My time at Linfield taught me not only how to be a critical thinker, but also how to step back and consider other viewpoints besides my own."

Caring for patients with compassion

Katie Larson '11
Intensive Care Unit Nurse | Salem Hospital

"The relationships I developed and fostered while at Linfield have helped shape my life and future since leaving college."

Helping athletes achieve their goals

Ryan Abbott '10
Sports Physical Therapist | Providence Health

"Linfield allowed me to discover my passions and helped me to become an independent thinker; these are so crucial to my personal life and professional life."

Ensuring a future for employees

Jay Gilbert '02
Owner | Burnside Brewing

"For my senior thesis in the Sociology/Anthropology department, I was told to pick a place to write on where I wanted to spend 40+ hours...that moment certainly led me on my path to the beer industry and ultimately brewery ownership."

Teaching, training and supporting both staff and patrons

Erin Jenkins '96
Senior References Librarian | Vancouver Regional Library

"My Linfield education exposed me to a wide range of literature, experiences, and ideas, giving me a passion for life-long learning and service to others."

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