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Matching people who need jobs to jobs that need people

Tim Butler '89
Senior Technical Recruiter| Flux Resources

"My time and experiences at Linfield also taught how to be focused, persistent, and how to work with others."

Finding solutions for crises around the world

Lynsey Farrell '01
Director of Integration | Ashoka

"Linfield inspired me to learn experientially and to pass that on to others."

Using skills and creativity to bring back "weird"

Kate Peterson '09
Artist and author| self-employed

"There are so many reasons to be thankful for my Linfield education, but as a self-taught artist who runs her own business, here's the biggest one: it taught me how to teach myself."

Stimulating the brain

Seth Oliveria '01
Neurosurgeon| The Oregon Clinic

"My career trajectory was directly influenced by the wonderful faculty of the Biology Department, who were not only remarkably invested professors, but also good friends."

Preventing and resolving conflicts

Nicholas Weiland '09
Program Specialist/Project Coordinator | United States Institute of Peace

"I consider my time at Linfield College to be a critical step in my personal and professional development."

Running the numbers to help a business prosper

Karleigh Prestianni '13
Credit Analyst | Hampton Lumber

"I believe that the work ethic and team first attitude I learned while at Linfield will continue to make me successful in my career."

  Reading, writing - and relevance

Jeff Hanson '92 
Partner| Perkins Coie LLP

"Linfield provided me with many unique opportunities and prepared me well for graduate school, law school, and my career."

 Eliminating language barriers

Virgina (Zander) Joplin '97
CEO| Verbio

"Studying language opens your mind to entirely new paradigms affecting human interaction."


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