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Pre-Law Advising

Academic Advising provides pre-law advising for all Linfield students, regardless of major. Although there is no formal pre-law curriculum at Linfield (because this is not recommended by law schools), the college offers rigorous academic preparation for legal education. In addition to offering several law-related courses (The Study of Law, Comparative Law, The Judicial Process, and American Civil Rights and Liberties) Linfield pre-law students experience a broad and inclusive liberal arts education. Our graduates who have gone on to law school report that their Linfield experience helped prepare them for law school and that they have a solid basis upon which to undertake the rigorous study of law at the graduate level.

Linfield graduates apply and are accepted into law schools across the country.  Although a high percentage of our students attend regional law schools located on the west coast, Linfield has graduates located in many metropolitan areas.  

Please stop by Melrose 010 for general pre-law information and to view law school materials.  Inquiries about opportunities in legal education and about preparing for and applying to law school should be directed to the pre-law advisor:

Ellen Crabtree
Pre-Law Advisor
Director of Academic Advising
Melrose Hall 015

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