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Academic Advising Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Health Advising

McMinnville campus students interested in pursuing careers in health professions are encouraged to work closely with their faculty advisor(s) and Academic Advising throughout their tenure at Linfield. These advisors have the resources to help students explore and prepare for a career in various health professions.

Who is my Pre-Health Profession Advisor?

Below is advisor contact information listed by health profession. If you are interested in a health profession not listed below, please speak with your faculty advisor and stop by the Office of Academic Advising for more information.

Pre-Health Profession Coordinators

All students are required to have an advisor in their major field. The following individuals are also available to provide supplemental advising for students considering specific pre-professional or health professions areas.


Medicine       Pharmacy 
Tim Sullivan, Ph.D.   Chad Tillberg, Ph.D.
Instructor, Biology   Professor, Biology
Murdock 231   Murdock 230
503-883-2782   503-883-2221
tsulliva@linfield.edu   ctillbe@linfield.edu
Dentistry   Heath Education
John Syring, Ph.D.   Dawn Graff-Haight, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biology   Professor, Health & Human Performance
Murdock 206   HHPA 219
503-883-2466   503-883-2641
jsyring@linfield.edu   dghaight@linfield.edu
Veterinary Medicine   Nursing
J. Christopher Gaiser, Ph.D.   Academic Advising
Professor, Biology   Pre-Nursing Coordinator
Murdock 231   Melrose Hall 010
503-883-2537   503-883-2250
cgaiser@linfield.edu   advising@linfield.edu
Medical Technology,
Occupational Therapy,
  Physical Therapy
Sarah Coste, Ph.D.    Greg Hill
Visiting Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance    Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance
Cook Hall 116    Cook 112
503-883-2481    503-883-2386
scoste@linfield.edu    ghill@linfield.edu
Physician Assistant    
Debbie Canepa, Ph.D.    
Associate Professor, Biology    
Cook 115